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Three matching outfits.Includes both JA and FS versions.

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Three sets (six piece) of couples' clothing, each piece of clothing is universal.

24.02.11     增加FS版本,并为FS版本新增两个独特的配饰——披帛和斗篷。
24.02.11   Add FS version and add two unique accessories for FS version - brocade shawl and cloak.

SMAPI, Json Assets/FS,CJB

1.Download and install all required.

2.Download the pack and unzip it.

3.Put the folder in "Mods".

对于JA版本/For JA version:
4.In addition to the folder, there are also two pictures, one for hairstyle and one for accessories. Please search for tutorials to use according to your needs.

5.Except hats are available at hat shops, shirts and pants which add by JA can't be available in the normal way.You could get them by CJB.  CJB’Nexus page

对于FS版本/For FS version:
*All items (including hair, accessories, etc.) can be obtained through FS's hand mirrors. And the FS version has two more accessories than the JA version - brocade shawl and cloak.

*Please carefully read the description of each FS file and choose to download it as needed. If you have downloaded all of them, please pay attention to distinguishing them in the game. XXX_1 is the content of  pack 1, and XXX_2 is the content of pack 2.

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1.This pack fits into another mod of mine. 
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2. You can edit this mod for your own use. But don't upload it anywhere again without my permission.

3. Please do not spend money on modules published by non authors for any reason.