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This mod turns David the guinea pig into a hamster ---read below the reasons why you might want to do this.--- + change the sentence "David the Hamster" with sentences according to the hearts you have with Abigail.

Permissions and credits
David is a guinea pig. Guinea pigs are completely different from hamsters.
A guinea pig needs
- a large cage on the floor
- another guinea pig of the same sex as him, otherwise you will become depressed and may even die, they live in herds
+many other things (it is not necessary to talk here)
A hamster needs
- a medium or small cage
- a wheel to ride on
+many other things (it is not necessary to talk here)

---What does this mod do?---
I created this mod to change David from a guinea pig to a hamster, it's perfect for Abigail's little cage. This mod changes the current cage to the cage that Abigail had in previous versions, changes the text when you click on the cage from "David the Guinea Pig" to "David the Hamster" plus changes all Abigail's dialogs that contain the word "Guinea Pig" to "Hamster"
I also added dialogues when you press the cage, for example "David ignores you and runs on his wheel" or "You gave a sunflower seed to David and he eats it happily" These "dialogues" change according to the hearts on which you have with Abigail, depending on the weather (rain or storm), and depending on the time (morning between 06.00 and 12.00) or evening between (21.00 and 02.00).

This mod also adds David inside walking around Abby's room. {10:00 to 15:00}

---What do I need to make the mod work---
For the mod to work, you only need Smapi and Content Pacher and Custom Companion.

--Can I use this mod and remove it at any time?---
Of course, the mode does not interact with the save and if it is removed, everything becomes normal.

---Support Me---
PayPal -
Bitcoin - bc1qzl7jkyugwg4v2sudc46d69s6p9ks4lh7qydhd5

Hamster assets: by TurmionKala