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The Stardew Valley Chow made by craziecrissie is an insanely cute pup that I can't get enough of. I own a chow but he is black, so I decided to make a black version of this mod and also convert it into a version compatible with "CatsandDogs" and also "More Animals".

Permissions and credits
The original mod in requirements is where all the credit belongs, without that mod, this one would not be possible. Thank you craziecrissie for making such an incredibly well-done and perfectly made chow for our stardew fun. 

Place files directly into your "dogs" folder found in your More Animals or CatsandDogs folder. Ensure you rename the file of my mod to not conflict with other dog images you may have, currently, it is dog_14, however, changing the number 14 will ensure it has its only slot when loading in dogs for adoption. This will ensure the newly added pup does not cause any issues or replace one of your current dog files. 

Should have no conflicts or compatibility issues whatsoever. 

Please check the requirements to ensure you have one of the essential files listed above to allow you to adopt this chow.