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This simple mod allows players to purchase 'Queen of Sauce' exclusive recipes from Gus in the Saloon. This is useful if you have missed the Queen of Sauce episode for a specific recipe or if you simply want to obtain the recipe sooner!

Permissions and credits
Purchasable Recipes

Have you ever missed out on an episode of The Queen of Sauce (Qos), or simply do not want to wait for all the show's episodes to air to obtain all the recipes? Now there is a lore-friendly way to purchase all the QoS exclusive recipes from Gus at the Saloon!

Config File
After launching the game for the first time with the mod installed, a config.json file will be automatically generated. Here you could set the option as to whether you want all the recipes to be available right away or if you want the recipes to be only available after the QoS episode for the specific recipe to have aired. "allRecipesUnlockedImmediately" is set to false by default.
In addition, there is the option to change the prices of each individual recipe in the config file as well.

- Latest version of SMAPI

- Install SMAPI
- Download and place the extracted files in the Mods folder (found in the same directory as StardewValley.exe)
- Launch the game through StardewModdingAPI.exe : this is found in the game directory (you'll have to do this every time you play)
- Enjoy the game :D

- Simply delete the PurchasableRecipes folder in the Mods folder

*might be updated to include a rotation of the available recipes or recipes obtainable only through befriending NPCs if there is a demand for it :)