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Overhauls the Bundles in the Community Center, the collections, items, and the rewards.

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Hey together,

I am new to SV modding and made now my first mod. It is the SMAPI the Contant Patcher variant for Community Center Bundle Overhauls (original author: 7Yrs) with permissions.
This means that this mod does exactly the same like the manuel method (replacing the affected XNB Files).
The idea to this was to make it easier to switch between all those new bundles without restarting the game every time or todo other stupied stuff. Finally and with the use of StardewConfigMenu (not required for SDV 1.3 Version) I could create this mod where you can easily switch between all available bundles (including the original bundle). Also this mod stores it's config per-save, means that you can work on different bundles per savegame (e. g. v0.2 on savegame1 but v0.2b on savegame2). If no savegame was found it will fallback to it's defaults.
Here is a list of bundles which are in this mod (excluding the original SV bundle):

  • v0.2: This is a significantly harder version of the CC bundles
  • v0.2a: An edit that replaces the Legendary Fish bundle with a Quality Fish bundle 5 Gold Quality of each of the Expert fish.
  • v0.2b: An edit that replaces the Legendary Fish bundle with a Quality Fish bundle. 5 Gold Quality of each of the 12 hardest fish to catch (Specialty Fish included).
  • v0.2c: An edit that replaces the 5 treasure chests reward for the Legendary Fish bundle with 30 Crab pots.

If you are interested in more bundles or in newer ones, let us now. You can either request them here or at .
When new bundles are added, they will first come out for the original ones and rigth after that for this version.

Now have fun with a harder CC to restore ;).

Hint: For more images look at the original mod page, thanks.

Little problem with SVE

If you are using SVE and this mod, than CP will overwrite SVE's HarderBundle with one of the bundles in this mod! I asked to get the SVE-Bundle to add it in this mod so please be patient.


  1. Check that your SV has Version 1.4.5+
  2. Download latest SMAPI
  3. Download latest Content Patcher
  4. Download latest Generic Mod Config Menu to be able to switch between the packages.
  5. Unpack the contents into you Mod folder.
  6. Start the game (new ones or existing ones) and change over the option screen (SDV 1.2) or over the command 'ccbo' (SDV 1.3 only) to your prefered package.

To uninstall this mod simply remove its folder from you Mod's folder. After a game restart the default XNBs are loaded. Finished bundles are finished and half-finished bundles will change in an
equivalent ones.


Special thanks to 7Yrs for giving me permission to let me create this mod.
Special thanks to Pathoschild for refactoring this mod and helping me with a lot of questions.
Special thanks so Allayna (see: Forum Thread)
Special thanks to all other helpers from our loved modding community :)