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  1. paradigmnomad
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    Not all framework mods may be ready with day one updates. Please understand these are out of our control and even the PPJA team must wait for an update. We do not manage any of the frameworks: Json Assets, SpaceCore, Custom Farming Redux, PyTK, Content Patcher, nor Mail Framework Mod. Any questions/bug reports that reference these frameworks not being updated and asking for an update will be archived.

    Need Help?
    Please make sure to follow the steps/general troubleshooting found here before posting your log. 90% of errors users report can be solved by following those steps.
    If you're still having issues, attach your SMAPI log or reach out to the community in the Stardew Valley Discord.

    Any bug reports or comments requesting help that do not include a SMAPI log or a highly detailed description of the issue will be removed without comment. Without a log we cannot provide useful help.

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  2. SinglePixel
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    Is anyone else getting a big error message about the failed load of a Banana tree?
    I presume its fine to ignore, it just freaks me out everytime I see it when it launches...
    1. SaelymChance
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      I had that issue with Banana tree! I redownloaded the file, did not see a folder for banana tree, so I deleted the folder and fixed it. Now I'm dealing with a mango tree, so I will do the same again and see if it exists or not. I think these trees were removed because they were added in the 1.5 update, so they're redundant now :)

      EDIT: You also have to delete the old manifest.json files, as they still have the old tree information in them! and probably the translations as well (so [MFM] More Trees folder)
  3. Furenzu
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    I don't think i've gotten a single recipe that uses this produce. am i doing something wrong? im growing fragrant wisteria but have nothing to turn it into
    1. Furenzu
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      is any of this produce useful with only More Trees installed? not sure what I can do with nuts and wisteria's to make them worth much for me.
    2. Seichou
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      I believe More Trees is best used in conjunction with other mods of the PPJA series to get the most out of them. I know Artisan Valley gives more options, but it has a few more dependecies. I'm not sure if the fruit from the trees can be turned into wine without it, and the nuts are used in Artisan Valley's Butter Churn.
  4. Smallcorners
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    I have an olive tree that I got from somewhere, and I cannot plant it? Is there a requirement for it?
  5. sincereleeiris
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    Hello! Is it possible to remove the products of these fruit trees from the "Ship one of everything" achievement? Some of the fruits are buggy, like the ume and ylang ylang, so even if I do ship it, it isn't changed on my Collections tab. Thank you!
  6. QuanYin
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    Haven't played since May and came back to a handful of mods that have updates.  None of them seemed to actually address anything that applied to me and my game WAS working fine.  Went ahead and updated everything including AV because the extruder in Artisan Valley is not accepting wheat flour (wiki, as well as common sense, says it should).  Now the icons for wine/juice are weirdly pixelated and whatever was in the juicer now says its "Peanut Juice". 

    Given that I've never grown a peanut and I had put some sort of fruit in there, I'm pretty sure it should NOT be Peanut Juice.
    The only mod I haven't updated is the Cannabis mod, firstly because I already "fixed" it and secondly because the "update" is marked as a beta. Plus I plan to remove it due to bugs but don't want to take the time to start a new game (given I've already got some items from it in-game).  I even checked the mods that don't have version numbers to make sure I have the latest versions.

    I have since removed the child bed remover that was causing the red error, and the cannabis mod.  And I have started a new game.  I originally reported this on the Artisan Valley page and they kicked over the cart and claimed you did it (IE this is a JA problem and Not Their Problem).  I have no idea which, if any, of my JA mods might be behind this.  They also said that "it will just happen again even with a new save game".

    I HAD been assuming this was a problem applying an update to a game already in progress and that I was NOT in danger of seeing it happen again. I had a whole bunch of jelly, juice, and wine in inventory or waiting to be harvested from a keg/preserve jar/the juicer that got turned into weird stuff including peanut, quinoa, and breadfruit and other weirdness.

    The person on the AV thread seemed to be saying that it could happen at any time while playing because something about JA is bugged.  Having a save game messed up by an update is not a totally unexpected consequence, but if an ongoing game with no mid-game updates is ALSO at risk, I'd rather do without whatever is causing the problem.

    Can you help me figure out what is going on here?  I know this is a complex set of mods - hence my inability to figure this out on my own - but having stuff in my inventory turn into other stuff that doesn't really exist (such as Peanut Juice and Quinoa Jelly) pretty much ruins the game for me.

    And the extruder in AV STILL doesn't turn out wheat noodles, and that DEFINITELY is not JA's fault, LOL!
    1. honorelle
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      You added another mod or updated a mod with new content that changed the randomly assigned item numbers. So if Celery was 4458, and the item numbers got shuffled so that Peanut was 4458, then a Celery in a Keg, a 4458 in a Keg, shifts upon loading to be a Peanut Juice instead of a Celery Juice.
  7. Strongking710
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    Hey! It appears that the persimmon mail is glitched. The letter has an error message, and the sapling is only worth 35 coins and won't plant. When a sapling is bought from Pierre, it plants just fine. All of the other saplings that I have recieved in the mail have worked perfectly so far, so it looks like the error is only with the persimmon. Here is my SMAPI log:
    1. aquanebula
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      I also just had this issue. Received a persimmon tree from Mousy in the mail (no error in the mail though) and can not get it to plant. I'm playing with SVE and IF2R. Cleared out a large area and could not get it to plant in tilled or untilled soil on Fall day 18. Does this have anything to do with planting it in an expanded area? does it have to be planted in a vanilla farm tile?
  8. galaxyslothgaming
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    So I have never had a problem with this mod before, but I downloaded everything correctly and no new saplings or fruit are showing up at all.
    1. MelindaC
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      Do you have Garden Village?
  9. Herozero2001
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    Trees that I really like durian, lychee, mango, papaya and pomelo.

    Durian also known as "Satan's shyt". When the British come to Southeast Asia and colonize the area, they notice the locals love this fruit. Some British complain of the smell as cat poo. Later, some of them also fell in love with this fruit. Either you love it or you hate it (nothing in between).

    Lychee - my favorite fruit.

    Mango - my mom's favorite fruit.

    Papaya - my family's favorite fruit.

    Pomelo - I like the taste.
    • member
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    The only problem, isn't dragon fruit supposed to grow on cactus? It's too strange
    1. SummerDragoness
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      Yeah, dragonfruit is a cactus. However a lot of mass producers learned that it's easier to grow multiple plants up one pole, allowing the tops to droop down. I can see how they could be mistaken as a tree that way as they do resemble a weeping tree from a distance. I grow my own (among numerous fruit trees!) and they are definitely not, lol.
  11. Rajolae
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    I'm having trouble planting most/all of the trees added by this mod and I don't know what's wrong.
    At some point I planted these trees after getting them in the mail: Fragrant Wisteria, Melaleuca, Persimmon, I don't know what season I planted them in, but I didn't have any trouble planting them in some random spot on my farm. However, when trying to plant a bunch of new trees in order to get stuff to knock out the achievements I'm missing, I could barely plant any of the trees, I could only plant: Ume, Vanilla, Walnut, Yuzu, along with some of the vanilla trees. I couldn't even plant some of the other trees that I had previously planted. I planted all those trees during Winter, the rest of them wouldn't plant. I tried again during Spring, on both tilled and untilled dirt and I still couldn't plant them (some of them were Spring trees too). 
    Here's the log file:
    1. kyinva
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      i am having this exact same issue lmk if you ever got it fixed