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If you are married to Leah she will now remind you of all of the townsfolk's birthdays and even include an optimal gift for them!

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So, this is my first mod ever, and I made this for someone who always forgot everyone's birthdays as they always forgot to check the calendar. ;)
Also, marrying seems somewhat useless in the game, as once you are using sprinklers and have deluxe barns/coops two of three things your spouse does to "help" you don't actually do anything.

So now, if you're married to Leah at least, you will get a friendly remember about all the birthdays.
I know it makes things a little too easy with her actually giving you one "loved" gift too, but it was a request and I do think she's the caring type of girl. Which is totally no excuse. :p

I hope you like it! Any spelling errors found can be reported to me (English isn't my first language) and I'll fix them asap. :)

(Also, please don't be confused about the date on the screenshots and that it doesn't fit with the text - I did that on purpose to have something to show you without having to skip to the next birthday. In the downloadable file the dates are correct!)