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Transmute items into money, or vice versa.

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This mod lets you transmute more of the item you're holding from money, or into money.

SMAPI 2.0+ is required to use this mod.

Copy "EquivalentExchange" from the .zip to your SMAPI mods folder.

Delete "EquivalentExchange" from your SMAPI mods folder.

1) Start by holding an item you want to transmute.
2) Press Transmute [Default: T] or Liquidate [Default: Y] or Normalize [Default: N] or Information [Default: H]

Transmute: Make that item out of money.
Liquidate: Turn that item into money.
Normalize: If you have varying quality levels of this item in your inventory, turn them all into "Normal" quality items. Any unconverted remainder is liquidated.

Not all items work:
  • Anything worth 0 money can't be transmuted.

New abilities are tied to the five main farming tools:
  • Try pressing H while holding a Hoe, Watering Can, Scythe, Axe or Pickaxe. Note: With an axe, you must hold SHIFT to break stumps.
  • You can suppress the radius (area of effect) of the tool transmutation abilities by holding SHIFT as well. While held, radius is strictly 1x1 (a single tile).

Information: Tells you more about the item you're holding. Currently, an item always costs twice its value to create.
  • Value [the value of this item if liquidated] Xg
  • Luck [the chance a transmute won't take stamina] X%
  • Energy [the energy cost if you're not lucky] -X
  • Fail [the chance of failure, damaging you] X%
  • HP [the cost, in HP, of a failure] X

You can reduce the risk of rebounds (failures) by getting closer in the world to a Leyline, and you regenerate Alchemy points the closer you are.
  • Wizard's Tower
  • Witch's Hut
  • Desert

Alchemy Energy
Alchemy energy limits are restored each day, in addition to regeneration. You increase the limit naturally by simply doing alchemy/transmutes.

  • You can hold down Transmute or Liquidate to auto-fire. It speeds up the longer it's held.
  • Holding shift lets you liquidate the last item in a stack.
Source code's available on my Github, if you're interested in learning about modding, want to help fix bugs or submit translations for the mod's localization files.