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Removes your choice of kid's beds in a way that is compatible with other mods that alter the interior of the farmhouse. **Fixed: Now compatible with cellar**

Permissions and credits
Follow the directions below if you want the mod to work properly.

Installation Instructions:
1. Download the main mod folder.
2. Unpack and place the 'ChildBedsRemoval' folder into the Mods folder of your game install.
3. IF you want to re-enable any of the beds, open up the config.json in the folder and change the corresponding 'true' to 'false' and the bed will show up again. You can go back and change this at any time.

4. When upgrading your house to have the upstairs, getting married, or getting divorced, the beds will TEMPORARILY come back. Sleeping or reloading the game will make them go away again.

- Super compatible! You can use it to remove any combo of children's beds from the farm house and not effect any other house mods.

Mod Description:

When I made my bathroom, I was aware of the fact that a lot of people like to remove some combination of the kid's beds from the upstairs. But I'd spent a week working many hours on it, and just wasn't feeling up to making several more versions and dealing with those folders. I figured I might do so someday though. And at one point, someone asked for tips on removing the beds from their map. Then the other day, I realized I could reuse some of my bridge code and do it with SMAPI, so it would be compatible with my bathroom, and all of the other xnb mods that edit the house.

No more will players have to choose between a change to their house and those beds!

No more will modders have to make multiple extra versions of their house mods to appease all the people who want those beds gone!

For now we have Children's Beds Removal... with SMAPI!!!

I did do more coding myself this time than the bridge (I'm super proud of what I was able to do), but still, thank you so much to all the discord members who helped me with the various pieces. Thank you for finding the missing braces. Thank you for giving me bits of code for QoL. Thank you for helping me make it so it only effects the fully upgraded house. Thank you for helping me save users from an inconvenience.
Thank you so much for helping me bring this convenience to the community.

- ConcernedApe for creating this wonderful game
- ChuckleFish for publishing it
- Tiled for looking at the maps
- And thanks to multiple members of the modding channel of the SDV discord, including Advize again for helping me implement some final QoL stuff.