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A combination of Kitty and Owl scarecrows, Eemie's darker Craftables, and my own edits, including my witch scarecrow!

Permissions and credits
UPDATED - Use with Content Patcher for better compatibility.

SheiFoxy's Craftables Combo

This is a set of edits I made to my own craftables file to please my own aesthetic. 
It is offered as a combination file. I claim credit only to the edits I made myself. The rest is just a combination of mods: 
Eemie's Darker Wood and Gold Craftables,
Ankokou's Owl Scarecrows,
and JinxieWinxie's Kitty Scarecrows.

I made the little witchy scarecrow from scratch, using the Turniphead scarecrow from vanilla as a base. 
I made a few edits to other random things, as listed below.
In this version, the turniphead scarecrow is the default scarecrow. The rest are replaced with cats and owls, except the witch is replaced with my cuter witch.

I am posting in hopes that others may get some use out of the work I put into combining files.


Content Patcher version:
Drop mod in /Mods
Also put Content Patcher in /Mods

XNB Version (not recommended):
Drop Contents folder into your Stardew Valley folder
Overwrite files.
That is all.

I included the PNG for easy edits. 

I've requested permission from the authors of the mods used, but if anyone doesn't want their mod used here, I will remove this mod upon request.
If they respond to my request for permission, I'll edit this to make it clear that permission was granted.
If all three give permission, I'll remove all this talk for brevity. :)
No disrespect is meant to anyone. I just want to share the work so others can benefit.


Witch Scarecrow
Blue Singing Stone
Misc edits to paintings
Plant with purple flowers
Darker table

Owl scarecrows
(Permission granted.)

Kitty Scarecrows
(Permission granted.)

Darker Wood and Gold Craftables
(Permission granted!)

Thanks to everyone who created awesome sprites to make our games look awesome!

For modders:
I give permission to use MY sprites for combination files with credit to SheiFoxy for the ones used. For the other sprites, you must ask the original mod authors.