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Open a to do list allowing you to type in reminders for your own tasks you want to complete and stop forgetting what you were doing. Tasks are permanent in the list until clicked, and will remain even between save file loads.

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- Now updated for 1.3; please check the update note below! -

Open a to do list allowing you to type in reminders for your tasks you want to complete and stop forgetting what you were doing. Type whatever helps you remember, click them off when done, and have the menu automatically open at startup for an instant reminder. Works like the quest log: newer tasks are automatically added to the top of the list, and new pages are added and removed as needed.

Compatible with Windows, Linux and Mac. 

Keyboard or controller can be used, though naturally tasks still have to be typed with the keyboard.

If you want to update ToDoList and keep your configuration settings and currently saved lists, ensure you keep a copy of your 'config.json' file and your 'data' folder. These are the files that keep your user settings and your tasks for each save file. 

To set up an updated version of ToDoList:
  1. Download the mod and unzip it into Stardew Valley's 'Mods' folder. The folder structure will look like this:
  2. Before running the game again, paste your previous 'config.json' and 'data' files into the ToDoList folder so your structure looks like this:
  3. You should then be able to start your game with your previous settings and tasks. 

If you do not include these files before opening a saved game, ToDoList will see they don't exist and generate empty files, not including your previous data!

  1. Install the latest version of SMAPI.
  2. Unzip this mod download into Stardew Valley's 'Mods' folder
  3. Run the game using SMAPI.

  • Press F2 (configurable) to open the to do list.
  • By typing in the text box and pressing the Ok button or the enter key, you can add a task to the list.
  • When you no longer need a task reminder, click on it to remove it.
  • Tasks are saved between sessions and are individual to each save file, so any saved tasks will still be in the list when you next load that save.

Release Notes
1.1.2 - Fixed manifest.json to prevent repeated update alerts when... there actually isn't one. 
1.1 -
Updated for Stardew 1.3. Update key added to manifest.json.
1.0 - Initial release. 
The mod can be configured to change its default settings and enable additional features by editing the "config.json" file, which will appear when the game is run with the mod installed for the first time. Applied settings are in effect for every save file. 

Configurable settings (includes warnings)

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