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Adds a very small, functional bathroom to the back wall of your farmhouse.

Permissions and credits

Installation Instructions:
1. Make sure you have your house maps backed up in case you want to revert.
2. Download and unzip all three main files. (Or leave out one of the house upgrades if you don't want the bathroom until later, or want to get a bigger bathroom with the second house upgrade.)
3. Place the contents of 'Compact Bathroom Tilesheet', which is 'zcompactbathroom_tiles.xnb' into the Content folder of your game install.
4. Place the contents of the other two files (or just the contents of one if you so desire) into the Maps folder of your game install.

There is a strange issue (with no cause I or another has been able to find) where a black bar appears under the bathroom door if you are using the default flooring.*KNOWN BUG*
It doesn't seem to appear for everyone, but if it does, using putting down some flooring should fix it, and if it doesn't, it's been reported that then exiting and re-entering your house will.

- The tilesheet is a separate file, so it will not clash with any retextures for other things you may have downloaded~!
- This mod should be compatible with any mod that does not alter the farmhouse map.
- If you wish, you can download just the first house upgrade for this mod, and then download someone else's larger bathroom for the second house upgrade, effectively 'upgrading' your bathroom.

Should you want a version without the kid's beds, go here.

Recolor Permissions:
- I have included a layered file of the tilesheet for your convenience.
- You MAY upload your own, recolored version of 'zcompactbathroom_tiles.xnb' for others to use, be it here, on the nexus, or elsewhere. 
- However, you may NOT upload the map itself, ONLY the textures. If it isn't called 'zcompactbathroom_tiles.xnb', you can't upload it. 
- You are allowed to use the textures I made for this mod in other mods, IF and only if, you give me credit. I would like it if you asked first though.

Also, look below, near the bottom, for a collection of links to the recolors people have done~

Mod Description:

Hello! There are a few different lovely bathroom options available for this game already, but the smallest one is already quite large, and they get bigger and bigger as they go on! That's fine and dandy for those who want a massive, and luxurious bathroom, but what about some that feel more... homey. This one serves as an option for those who want a small bathroom befitting of a farmhouse, and not a mansion (not knocking those awesome big bathrooms, it's just not my style, like this one isn't going to be everyone's style).

I did all the texturing myself, either using the game assets as a start, or making it from scratch. I did however, keep the color scheme really 'safe', and the shading/shine/etc. fairly closely matching vanilla. It's basic, with a little class, and none of the colors are too extreme.

The layout, was very, VERY carefully constructed to be both small, have room for everything, and have the tub be a rectangle. Due to the confines of the game, this is as small as the tub gets while still being functional.
There's two small surprises in the bathroom for you to find and enjoy, rather than just the main attraction of the tub.

Anyway, this is my first venture outside of just recoloring xnbs for myself, and I spent just about exactly the past week working on it, quite constantly. I am exhausted. It is a smol bathroom, but I poured a lot into it.


Pictured below is where in your house you can enter your new bathroom!

  House Upgrade One Location                 House Upgrade Two Location

I really wanted to have a few other options for location but one had to be scrapped and the other two didn't make sense logistically and they had a ton of problems and I was having trouble keeping track of so many files and things were overwriting each other so sorry.

Recolor Links!:
Deep Blue by TinyRat95
Pastel by ghallowscalibrator

- ConcernedApe for creating this wonderful game
- ChuckleFish for publishing it
- Photoshop for aid in tilesheet creation
- Tiled for Map Editing
- And special thanks to all the troubleshooting, encouragement,and testing from the Modding channel on the SDV Discord