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Opens a report with some of the remaining tasks for the day.

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Shows you a complete report about your daily tasks as a farmer, as well as showing you bubbles for some items.

Press Y to open your report or click the button below the quests button. It shows (with detailed information about each item):
  • If The Queen of Sauce has a new recipe for you
  • If it's someone's birthday
  • If traveling merchant is in town
  • Unwatered crops (in the farm and greenhouse)
  • Crops ready to harvest (in the farm and greenhouse)
  • Dead crops
  • If you did not pet your pet
  • If you did not fill your pet's bowl
  • Animals that were not petted
  • Animals products ready to collect
  • Empty hay spots on feedings benches
  • If there are fruits/mushrooms to be collected in your farm cave.
  • Crab pots ready to be collected
  • Crab pots that were not baited
  • Machines ready to collect (full list of machines in the configuration section)

The mod can draw bubbles for (there is a configurable keybinding to turn them on/off without entering any menu):
  • Unwatered crops
  • Crops ready to harvest
  • Dead crops
  • Pet wants to be petted
  • Animals that were not petted
  • Animals that have produce
  • If there is animal produce inside a building
  • If there are hay spots missing in the animal house
  • Truffles
  • Crab pots that were not baited
  • Casks with a minimum item quality (set in the configuration)

There is also a settings menu that can be accessed through the report or by a keybinding, every configuration can be changed through this menu.
The bubbles settings menu can be accessed in the bubble on the main settings menu.

You can also navigate the report using the arrow keys, and the mod has controller compatibility.
The numbers (x, y) in the detailed information are the coordinates of the item in the map.

After you run the game with the mod for the first time, you can change the config.json to configure (detailed list in the configure section):
  • The keybinding to open/close the report and settings menu
  • The keybinding to turn on/off the bubbles
  • What items in the list above you want to show
  • If you want to show the detailed report

Any problems or suggestions, please let me know.

1. Install the latest version of SMAPI.
2. Unzip the mod folder into Stardew Valley/Mods.
3. Run the game using SMAPI.

(There is also a compatibility version for older SMAPI versions, e.g. 1.15.4)


By default, it shows you everything.
Except for showing bubbles (if you have a lot of crops or animals it may take a lot of space on the screen, this is why there is a keybinding).

Everything is configurable in the in-game settings menu.
The bubbles settings can be accessed by clicking the bubble in the "Display Bubbles" option.

In config.json:

- OpenReportKey: the key to open the report (any from this page, including controller) (default: Y)
- OpenSettings: the key to open the settings menu (default: none)
- ToggleBubbles: the key to toggle the bubbles on and off (default: none)
- DisplayReportButton: If you want to show or not the open report button below the quests button
- DisplayBubbles: If you want the mod to draw bubbles for some items (items below)
- ShowDetailedInfo: If you want to see a detailed report of each section

Things to report:
- NewRecipeOnTv: Shows if The Queen Of Sauce has a new recipe for you
- Birthdays: Show if it's someone's birthday
- TravelingMerchant: Show if the traveling merchant is in town
- UnwateredCrops: Adds unwatered crops to the report
- UnharvestedCrops: Adds crops ready to harvest to the report
- DeadCrops: Adds dead crops to the report
- FruitTrees: Reports fruits in trees starting from this number (0 to disable)

- UnpettedPet: Adds if you did not pet your pet (cat/dog)
- UnfilledPetBowl: Adds if you did not fill your pet's bowl
- UnpettedAnimals: Adds farm animals that were not petted
- AnimalProducts: Adds the selected animal products below ready to collect the report
  * Cow milk
  * Goat milk
  * Sheep wool
  * Chicken egg
  * Dinosaur egg
  * Duck egg
  * Duck feather
  * Rabbit's wool
  * Rabbit's foot
  * Truffle
  * Slime ball
- MissingHay: Adds unfilled hay spots on the animal houses to the report
- FarmCave: Adds mushrooms/fruits in your farm cave that are ready to collect
- UncollectedCrabpots: Adds uncollected Crabpots to the report
- NotBaitedCrabpots: Adds Crabpots that were not baited
- Machines: Adds the selected machines that are ready to collect to the report
  * Bee House
  * Charcoal Kiln
  * Cheese Press
  * Crystalarium
  * Furnace
  * Keg
  * Lightning Rod
  * Loom
  * Mayonnaise Machine
  * Oil Maker
  * Preserves Jar
  * Recycling Machine
  * Seed Maker
  * Slime Egg-Press
  * Soda Machine
  * Statue Of Endless Fortune
  * Statue Of Perfection
  * Tapper
  * Worm Bin
- Cask: report when product is equal or above quality (0=disabled, 1=silver, 2=gold, 3 or 4 = iridium)

Draw bubbles settings:
- DrawBubbleUnwateredCrops: Enable drawing bubbles for unwatered crops
- DrawBubbleUnharvestedCrops: Enable drawing bubbles for unharvested crops
- DrawBubbleDeadCrops: Enable drawing bubbles for dead crops
- DrawBubbleUnpettedPet: Enable drawing bubbles if the pet was not petted
- DrawBubbleUnpettedAnimals: Enable drawing bubbles for animals that were not petted
- DrawBubbleAnimalsWithProduce: Enable drawing bubbles for animals that have produce
- DrawBubbleBuildingsWithProduce: Enable drawing bubbles for buildings that have animal produce inside
- DrawBubbleBuildingsMissingHay: Enable drawing bubbles that are not full of hay
- DrawBubbleTruffles: Enable drawing bubbles for truffles
- DrawBubbleCrabpotsNotBaited: Enable drawing bubbles for crab pots that need bait
- DrawBubbleCask: Enable drawing bubbles for casks with item quality minimum set by the "Cask" setting


Version 1.4.1:
- Fruit trees are now reported.
- Update for SV 1.3.36 and SMAPI 2.10.2.
Thanks Mizzion for the help.

Version 1.3.6:
- Fixed crash when passing out on the farm

Version 1.3.5:
- Fixed error when a machine is removed outside of the current location (e.g. NPC removing a machine in its path)
- Fixed compatibility with mods that change the traveling cart days

Version 1.3.4:
- Updated to SMAPI 2.3
- Menus will now close if you click outside the menu area (behaving like the journal).
- Fixed report not showing information about greenhouse crops

Version 1.3.3:
- Fixed drawing bubble for pet when pet is not there

Version 1.3.2:
- Fixed compatibility with CustomCrops

Version 1.3.1:
- Fixed error when in the mines

Version 1.3:
- Added option to draw bubbles for some items
- Added an open report button below the quests button
- Added The Queen Of Sauce option
- Added birthdays option
- Added traveling merchant option
- Finished rewrite
- Fixed showing pigs that still could find truffles
- Fixed (ignore) items outside coop bounds if an animal was left outside (game bug)
- Fixed report showing incorrect coordinates for animals in the farm

Version 1.2:
- Added the other animal products.
- Added casks.
- Added settings menu (accessible in the report or keybinding).
- Rewritten UI and added fully compatible controller support.
- Rewritten how tasks work to support future features.
- Fixed crabpots showing as not baited even if the farmer has the luremaster profession.
- Fixed not showing machines inside buildings.

Version 1.1:
- Added machines to the report.
- Added milk, goat milk, and wool to the report.

Version 1.0.1:
- Fix reporting mushrooms in the farm cave even if they are not ready for harvest.

Version 1.0:
- Initial release.

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