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Stardew Valley - now with more nuts and berries!

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Stardew Valley - now with more nuts and berries!

Forage bushes will now have multiple "seasons".  Some will fruit sporadically before and/or after the main season.  Some that didn't grow on bushes before now have seasons of their own! 

Included seasons for : 
  • Salmonberries outside of the default season
  • Spice Berries (late Spring through Summer)
  • Grapes (late Summer through Fall)
  • Hazelnuts (late Fall through mid Winter)

 Bushes on the main farm will not be affected so this won't conflict with Grampa's Orchard (optional but recommended).

This will only work for maps that have areas named Forest, Mountain, BusStop, Town, Railroad, Woods, and Backwoods.  Does not currently work in Ginger Island. 

Currently uses default sprites for berries while they're on the bush - red salmonberries in Spring and Summer, and the blue/black Blackberries in Fall.  In Winter it is using the Winterberry Sprite by ncarigon that comes with the Bush Bloom Mod.

Currently WILL NOT work with Automate.  Automate will just turn everything into Salmonberries in Spring and Summer, and Blackberries in Fall and Winter.  No idea why.  Hopefully there'll be a fix for that.

Bush Bloom Mod has been updated to work with Automate now.

May conflict with other BBM mods such as Grape Bushes if seasons overlap.

I have been told by ncarigon who wrote the mod this is based on, Bush Bloom Mod, that where there is a collision it will be reconciled by the fruit that has a greater chance of occurring.  So where one mod schedules a fruit with a 20% chance of occurence (vanilla fruit default) and another mod schedules a fruit with a 15% chance, you'll get the fruit with the higher chance.  If they're the same its a 50/50 chance of getting one or the other. 

Newly defined seasons don't show up in the notice bar like the default seasons do.  I believe that is hard-coded now.  I am looking in to seeing if there is a way to add any of my custom seasons to the calendar.

Currently cannot have a fruiting period of less than 2 days.

You can now define a fruiting periods of a single day.

You can change anything in the content.json file by hand, see documentation for Bush Bloom Mod for which this is a content pack.  Make changes at your own risk.  On your own head be it!

Plans for the future:

Specific sprites for each individual fruit when it's on the bush.  These are done now (as of Apr 2, 2023) and will be uploaded shortly after some additional testing.  My sprites are not exactly wonders of artistic sensibility but at least they look different from salmonberries and black berries LOL!

Perhaps adding support for Generic Mod Config Menu to select your fruits for the seasons defined in this content pack.  If you want other seasons than the pre-defined ones, you'll have to configure it by hand.  Generic Mod Config Menu isn't sophisticated enough to handle all that.

Like Bush League?  Check out my other BBM content pack, Grampa's Orchard!  

What the hell, Grampa left you a farm full of weeds, rocks, and dead trees?  What a disaster!

Never fear, he wasn't THAT short sighted.  He had a small orchard.  True, only one tree survived - but its a doozy!