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An Alternative Textures content pack of Fallout themed buildings for your farm!

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Are you a fan of the fantastic Alternative Textures mod, but also enjoyed the Fallout themed aesthetic of gumbo632's Fallout Valley mod? Ever wanted to have both mods in your game, and be able to alternate your textures as you pleased? Well fret no more, now you can! With gumbo632's permission, I've formatted the original Fallout Valley mod now for use as a content pack for Alternative Textures!

This content pack mod is for the awesome Alternative Textures, by PeacefulEnd, so both Alternative Textures and SMAPI are required for it to work.

1. Make sure that you have both SMAPI and Alternative Textures correctly installed in your Stardew Valley folder.
2. Unzip the '[AT] Fallout Valley' folder and drop it into your 'Mods' folder in the main SDV game folder.
3. Buy the Paint Bucket tool from Robin, to use on your buildings and retexture them.
4. Congrats, you're done and ready to retexture! Enjoy your new farm!