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Prevents happiness drain from animals. Stay up late and still have happy animals! Pet your chickens safely even if you're a coopmaster!

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A Stardew Valley mod that fixes multiple problems with animal happiness.
As of version 1.1, this mod currently fixes the following two bugs:
  • After 6pm, animals' happiness drains every 10 minutes that the animals are inside and you stay awake
  • When you have a relevant profession (Coopmaster or Shepard) and pet a matching animal with nearly full happiness, that animal becomes unhappy
These two fixes can be enabled or disabled individually.

The mod config can be edited by changing the file config.json. By default, the file looks like this:

"NightFix": {
"Enabled": true,
"Mode": "Standard"
"Enabled": true

NightFix Options

Changing Enabled to false will disable the fix for post-6pm happiness drain.

There are three different modes that you can choose from:
  • Standard - Animals will no longer lose happiness from you being awake after 6pm
  • Increased - Animals will gain happiness by being inside after 6pm
  • Maximized - Animals' happiness will continually be set to maximum (255)

ProfessionFix Options

Changing Enabled to false will disable the fix for profession-based happiness overflow

Known Bugs

When the profession fix activates, it will occasionally cause the animal's status window to appear before it shows the heart/frustration bubble.