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Replaces those old out of date appliances with new and improved ones! Comes in 4 different colors!

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So, I reckon you've been playing Stardew Valley for awhile, at least long enough to get into mods, right? Well by now you must be rich then right? So with all of that money why do you still have out-of-date appliances!?

I used to be a home appliance salesman, and I can't help but notice the crappy appliances your character has throughout your playthrough. It makes sense towards the beginning of the game, since when Robin upgrades your house, she probably puts in bare bones appliances to complete your kitchen, and you tend to not have the kind of money to be willing to invest in a luxury style kitchen until a little later in the game. 

However, if you're a multi-millionaire on several files like me (and in one of them almost a billionaire), then it gets a little off-putting to have cruddy appliances when you should be living in luxury!

It also doesn't make much sense for you to be able to cook such a variety of foods with such limited options in terms of appliances.

Therefore, this purely aesthetic mod replaces your tiny top-down fridge and bare bones range with a Samsung 4-door fridge with an interface, a duel oven slide-in duel fuel range with true convection and 5 burners including a bridge burner, an over-the-range convection microwave, and a built-in 39dBa dishwasher. All of which come in 4 different colors: Stainless Steel, Black Stainless, Red, and Gold, all with matching counters! I also included a large cooking pot and a blender on the counters.

Since the fireplace can clash with your kitchen colors, I included an option for you to replace your fireplace with a black one like Lewis's fireplace. However, since this is accomplished through the townInterior xnb file, so this will also change all of the other villager's fireplaces to black as well, so keep this in mind.

Since this is my very first xnb mod, I am certainly open to constructive criticism. Also, if you have any suggestions for more appliance and counter colors, let me know and I will consider adding them.

As for compatibility, since this is an xnb mod, it is obviously not compatible with any other xnb mod that alters your farmhouse_tiles xnb file. I have tested this mod on my files and so far it works perfectly fine. You can open the fridge inventory and use the cooking interface just fine, and the increased pixel size of the fridge does not alter the interactive hitbox at all.

This mod would probably pair well with the extended fridge mod, found here:
Especially since it makes sense for a 4-door fridge to have 4 sets of inventories!
However, I have NOT tested to make sure this mod is compatible with it, so use them both at YOUR OWN RISK!
You are welcome to test it yourself and let me know if they work perfectly fine together. Thanks.

Please backup your files before using this mod, just in case. I am not liable if your game breaks for any reason. There are backup files included in the downloaded folder.