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Adds Primm from 'Secret of Mana' into Stardew Valley!

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Please Note: This mod has currently not been properly updated for 1.6, but should still work thanks to Content Patcher's auto-migration
Proper Update Coming Soon

This is a character mod that adds Primm from Secret of Mana into Stardew Valley. It adds a very fleshed out schedule, unique daily dialogue, portraits and festival locations. Here is some more information about the mod:

She comes with a very featured schedule, travelling all over the valley across many different days.

The mod features custom dialogue for every day and month combination, and a few more too, with a helping of references to Secret of Mana thrown in. Currently, there are no heart events or mail with the character.

All character sprites are edited versions of the ones from Secret of Mana, made to fit the limitations of Stardew's overworld sprites.

I've also used and edited a few sprites from the spritesheet to use as emotion portraits. She mainly uses her happy and neutral sprites but there are a few rare ones thrown into dialogue.

She makes an appearance at every festival. Try to find her and see what she has to say!

Loves: Squid Ink Ravioli, Fairy Rose, Goat Cheese, Aquamarine, Cranberry Sauce, Strawberry, Fried Calamari  
Likes: Squid Ink, Spring Onion, Coconut
Neutral: Poppy
Dislikes: Mayonnaise, Pomegranate, Sugar
Hates: Tea Leaves, Oil

This mod requires Content Patcher to be installed.

But most importantly, enjoy the character mod!!