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An Alternative Textures content pack of cute styled farm buildings to match the house and stable included in Rosalie's Cute Valley Pink set.

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Like many others before me, I'm sure, when I found the Cute Valley mod, made by Rosalie on the Chucklefish forums (now also posted here on Nexus), I loved it instantly. The house and stable included in the mod are adorable! I was a little sad, however, at how lackluster the rest of my farm ended up looking in comparison. I mean, how is a girl to tend to her crops when she's distracted by the lack of cuteness in her barns and coops? So, I set out to make matching textures for all the other farm buildings! The original mod I made was for content patcher and can be found here, but since the fantastic Alternative Textures exists now, I decided to make a content pack for it!

Included in this mod are the following buildings, done in the pink style of Rosalie's Cute Valley mod;
Big Barn
Deluxe Barn
Big Coop
Deluxe Coop
Fish Pond
Big Shed
Slime Hutch

Please note that the original Cute Valley - Pink house & stable is not included in this mod. To get the house/stable, download the original mod here or here!

This content pack mod is for the awesome Alternative Textures, by PeacefulEnd, so both Alternative Textures and SMAPI are required for it to work.

If you prefer blue to pink, you can find my new [AT] More Buildings for Cute Valley Blue mod over here!

If you're looking for the content patcher version of this mod, you can find it over here!

1. Make sure that you have both SMAPI and Alternative Textures correctly installed in your Stardew Valley folder.
2. Unzip the '[AT] More Buildings for Cute Valley' folder and drop it into your 'Mods' folder in the main SDV game folder.
3. Buy the Paint Bucket tool from Robin, to use on your buildings and retexture them.
4. Congrats, you're done and ready to retexture! Enjoy your new farm!

  • Massive credit, of course, to Rosalie on the Chucklefish forums, as they created the original Cute Valley mod and provided so much inspiration for these textures! Also, a few textures were reused from their houses texture, such as the flower baskets.