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Make watered and not-watered crops' sprites visibly different.

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Do you want to be able to tell at a glance if a crop has been watered, even if you can't see ground behind the crops like Hops, Grapes and Hay (especially if you can't see ground)? Or you want crops to have different watered/not-watered sprites just as an aesthetic choice? Then you can use this mod.

Important. To use this mod in multiplayer all players should have this mod installed, as well as using the same mods/content packs that add new crops. Otherwise there will be invisible crops, or crops having incorrect sprites.

1. Install the latest version of SMAPI
2. Unpack the downloaded zip file and place it's contents into the Mods folder
3. Tweak the configs to your liking. If there is no config file or you want to reset all settings to default, delete existing config file and the next time you load the game a new config will be created.
4. (Optional) If you're using mods that replace \Content\TileSheets\crops.xnb file, the mod will generate a new dry crops tilesheet, but the algorithm used for this is very basic, so if you want to create crops' sprites yourself, read further.
  4.1 Run the game and enter "export_crops" in the SMAPI console. This will give you the original crops tilesheet to work with.
  4.2 Make a copy of crops tilesheet. This will be a base for creating dry version. to be "dry version" tilesheet and edit it as you like. You can also edit normal tilesheet if you want. Giant crops are better left with their original look
  4.3 Edit dry crops tilesheet to as you like (like lowering it's brightness/saturation or completely redrawing the crops' sprites). You can also edit normal tilesheet if you want (giant crops are better left with their original look though).
  4.4 Put both files into \Did You Water Your Crops\Data folder (if they aren't there yet) and add their filenames to config settings "cropsTextureFilename" and "dryCropsTextureFilename".
5. Play the game.