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This mod adds 100+ more lines to Sam. I always felt that Sam was a nice character, but after a while he becomes kinda flat. So I instilled a bit more personality in him.

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The updated version is here! This one is no longer maintained.


Hello, hello!
As I played through Stardew Valley, I discovered that after a while, the characters became a little bit flat. I had started on Sam, but I had stalled out a little bit. I was inspired to start again by casualkira's Sebastian Dialogue Overhaul.

This mod adds over 100+ lines for day, heart level, and season, and talks about the holidays and his friend's and family's birthday.

One of my favorite characters was Sam, because he was always a nice and a little bit goofy. So for this mod, I added more lines without deleting his lines that are already there. I had him reference other characters such as Penny, Elliot, Sebastian, Vincent, Jodi, Kent, Leah, Harvey, and Abigail. Now a few of these people were already referenced in the original dialogue (such as Vincent, Jodi, Kent, and Sebastian), and some are only referenced a few times, but I always found it weird that nobody ever talked about the other townspeople. I also made some small references to the Sebastian Dialogue Overhaul, just because I admire the amount of time and effort they put into it.

I plan out adding more dialogue for other characters. If you have any suggestions, please comment them!
If you find any typos or weird happenings please comment them. I tried my best to look for any issues, but I'm just human.
I also uploaded the mod to Chucklefish Forums. I have not uploaded this mod to any other site.

Thank you for looking at my mod!