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Gives Leah a more butch appearance, because everyone has a type.

Update: someone uploaded a fixed version of this for content patcher here:

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Butch Leah

The reskin includes xnb files for Leah's sprite and her portrait 


Update: I heard that this re-skin no longer works after a stardew valley update. It's been so long since I made it I plumb forgot all the skills I used to make it in the first place. If someone would like to take this re-skin off my hands and update it so it can be useful to people again, I would love that. Crediting me as the original artist would be nice all the same :)
Update 2, son of Update: someone uploaded a fixed version of this for content patcher here:

Step 1: If you don't have a back up of the original content files you should back up backup Leah.xnb in the characters folder, and Leah.xnb in the portraits folder
Step 2: download the .zip and extract the folders. 
Step 3: Move the downloaded .xnb files into their respective folders and agree to replacing the original files