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This mod is a recolor of Animated Inventory Tabs by NoFogBob for use with the Starry Night Interface mod. It provides animations for the Inventory icons, the icons on the Skills and Collections pages, as well as the Money and Clock icons on the Load Save screen.

Permissions and credits
Hello! I absolutely love the Starry Night Interface mod. But then I found NoFogBob's Animated Inventory Tabs and was blown away at how good it was. Unfortunately, I couldn't really use them together, since the colors clashed. So with a little guidance from NoFogBob, I was able to create a recolor of their mod to match the Starry Night Interface! Now I can use 2 of the best UI mods at the same time, and so can you! This is the first mod I've actually published, so I hope you enjoy!

~What This Mod Does~
  • Animates all of the Inventory Menu icons (except Exit Game and the Skills icon, which is the farmer's sprite)
  • Animates all of the icons on the Collections tab
  • Animates the farmer skill icons on the Skills tab (Custom Skills added by other mods will not be animated)
  • Animates the Money and Clock icons on the Load Save screen.
  • Adds more information to the Collections icons to better describe what they represent
    - To disable this, go to the mod's page in-game using GMCM and click the toggle - Or edit the config.json and change DeluxeCollectionTabsTooltips from "true" to "false"
  • All recolored for use with the Starry Night Interface mod
  • Currently compatible with Stardew Valley versions 1.5.4, 1.5.5 and 1.5.6. Other versions have not been tested.

  • Install SMAPI
  • Install Content Patcher and Content Patcher Animations
  • Install Starry Night Interface  (technically optional, but this recolor is made to match that mod)
  • Install Generic Mod Config Menu (GMCM - optional if you want to change mod configs in-game without editing the config.json)
  • Unzip this mod file, then copy or move it into the \Stardew Valley\Mods folder
  • Run the game through SMAPI
  • Send Happy Thoughts to ConcernedApe  (okay, this one's optional too, but you should still do it!)

Just delete this mod's folder from the \Stardew Valley\Mods folder

~Supported Mods~
This mod is supported by and/or designed to be used with these mods:
These mods are seen in the images:
Changes from Bob's Original Mod:
- Changed several icons to match their Starry Night counterparts.
- Made small changes to a few Collections icon descriptions.
- Changed some code formatting and commented descriptions.
- Added a Description for the config in the GMCM menu.
This mod edits part of the Cursors.xnb file and may be incompatible with mods that change the same icons, or the Collections tab text. Mods that change the mouse cursor will still work. Notably, you will still have the cool mouse cursor changes from the Starry Night Interface.

NoFogBob: This mod would not be possible without the hard work of Bob and PaulDunstan. I greatly appreciate Bob's guidance on how to create the recolor, and I encourage you to check out their work!
- SpringTHZ for their amazing Starry Night Interface mod
Pathoschild for creating SMAPI, Content Patcher and being a cornerstone of this modding community
spacechase0 for Content Patcher Animations