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A cleaned and fixed sprite for Caroline, removing her weird...skirt...bell-bottom thing and giving her two new outfit options.

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*See my new portraits that match these spritesĀ here!*

Chello, all!

On the heels of my Emily upload is Caroline! I hadn't planned to do her any time soon, but I noticed her sprite file is quite small, so I blasted it out the same day I finished Emily.

Can anyone tell me what she's wearing? Her portrait has a hoodie, but her bottoms are...a skirt? Bell-bottoms? I don't know, it looks like both. Either way, it was bad, so off it went. Instead, I made her top look more like a hoodie and gave her some decent pants. My mum requested a dress, so I also made a version with a 50's housewife dress, since she's quite old-fashioned in many ways. (Honestly, Caroline, why are you so worried about Abby having purple hair? Yours is green.) So there's two options to choose from!

Speaking of her hair, I changed the colour slightly to get away from the weird lime shades in the original sprite. I also changed up her exercise sprites, because I couldn't make heads or tails of what her legs were doing.

Please enjoy!

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*Every file includes a backup of the original sprite .xnb!*

*This is the only place I've uploaded these files.*