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A remake of Emily's sprite, cleaning her facial expressions and hair, and getting her out of her awful moomoo. Also includes fixes such as putting the part of her hair on the right side and making it consistent, and removing her bowlegs.

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*See my new portrait that matches this sprite here!*

Chello, all!

I did indeed end up doing another sprite! Emily this time, because she's frankly one of my least favourites. The moomoo just...drives me crazy. Why would a New Age fashionista wear a shapeless thing like that?

At first, I meant to just clean it up, but I couldn't do anything with her original dress. No matter what I tried, it ended up the same lump. So, I cut off the bottom, and made the sleeves red instead of salmon, and just decided to start from scratch. Which meant redrawing every single sprite. Oy vey.

I used these dresses as a kind of inspiration and guide, because I feel like Emily would definitely wear something like that. I added a belt around her waist, and I wish I could figure out how to make necklaces and beads like the ones in the picture, but I think I did okay!

I also removed the bowlegs suggested by her foot placement, though she has some very expressive body language that meant her legs were spread, so they're not always together. I darkened the red of her clothes, because the bright shade of her normal sprite actually bugged my eyes a little, and for some reason her Flower Dance sprite was two pixels too short, so I fixed that as well. I'm pretty happy with her!

Please enjoy!

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*Every file includes a backup of the original sprite .xnb!*

*This is the only place I've uploaded these files.*