Prettier Small Farm by E_Wang
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This is an edit of HelleboreHel's Small Farm.
Essentially, on one hand, the farm is prettier and has 2 water sources, one of which is a Spa; on the other hand, you have even less building space than previously.

===Installation Instructions===
CustomFarmTypes and it's Dependencies

+ Reccomended but Not Required +
Forage at the Farm and it's Dependencies
Mining at the Farm and it's Dependencies
Mods that Make Buildings Bigger, If you're feeling Pressed for Space. Suggest any of the "JACD" Series of Mods.
Place all stuff into corresponding folders
By Flor3nce2456 aka E.Wang

= zanderb14 for Teaching me How to make Custom Maps.
= EemieStardew for their Flowers.
= HelleboreHel for their Small Farm custom map this map was built over (I used "type3").
  • You can find their map here:
= Acerbicon for the Doghouse and Fountain.