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DGA Conversion of FishWaffle64's Lucky Clover mod.

Permissions and credits
DGA conversion of FishWaffle64's Lucky Clover mod, published following the Permissions and Credits of the original mod.

For those unlucky enough to experience json shuffle with the original mod when installed midsave, as happened to me. Since Lucky Clover is part of the quests included in the mod Holiday Special Orders by CopperSun, an alternative was necessary.

All the settings from the original mod were kept, except for the selling price. Since the seeds cost 200 in season, the original selling price of 150 was too low for my tastes. It's now 205, so that you at least break even, but this crop still has primarily a non-commercial purpose. If you want to modify that price, just open the content.json and change the entry "SellPrice" to your preferred amount.

The seeds also become available out of season once you acquire Pierre's stocklist, reflecting the 50% cost bonus of the vanilla game.

Requires SMAPI, Content Patcher and spacechase's DGA.

Link to the original JA Lucky Clover mod by FishShuffle64:
Link to CopperSun's Holiday Special Orders, which incorporates the Lucky Clover:

Should FishWaffle64 express the desire, the mod will be taken down.

FishWaffle64 for the original mod.
Everyone at the SDV Discord forum for their willingness to help.