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About this mod

This mod is a re-texture of a dresser from some of farmer customization mods.

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Do you ever want a wardrobe that is fitted to your wall? Do you get bored by your normal dresser?
Fret not, this is the mod you need.
It comes with several type of wardrobe (more to come) that may suit your taste.

Now, Get Dressed farmer!


About this mod:
This mod is a re-texture of a dresser from some of farmer customization mods Get Glam (also Get Dressed and Kisekae which now is obsolete)

  1. First, you need to have any customization mods mentioned above, or else this mod is useless.
  2. Unzip this mod and select what type of dresser you like.
  3. Copy-paste the .PNG file to "Get Dressed" mod folder's "...\assets\"(or "...\overrides\." in some case) When prompted, let it override the file. Don't forget to backup the dresser sprite if you want to revert back to the original.
  4. Done

  1. Delete the mod. 
  2. Restore the original sprite or re-download the mod if you lost the original sprite.
  3. Done.

This Mod Contains:
This mod comes with 3 different types of wardrobe:
  • Vanilla with Mirror.
  • Vanilla no Mirror.
  • Full body Mirror

Optional Files:
  • TBD

Planned Updates:
  • New textures.

  • Because "Get Dressed" mod is breaking and haven't yet been updated, use Kisekae instead (Also breaking btw, use Unofficial update by Phatoschild)

This mod is only available only on NexusMods or Playstarbound Forum (if available) under "Warilized" username.

Change Log:
  • 2017/10/10 v1.03 is released (initial release)