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Increase your Max Health and Energy as you play. Based on code from Build Endurance, Build Health and Stronger You.

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a combination of Build EnduranceBuild HealthStronger You

So what this mod does is it takes your various Skills (Farming, Mining, Fishing, etc) and XP earned by various actions and uses them to calculate new Health and Energy stats for you, and applies it at the start of each day. It preserves (mostly) the effects of going to sleep out of energy, and it ensures that the modified values are not saved to your save file - meaning if you remove it, your health and energy levels will return to their expected values.

You'll automatically get XP for...
  • using tools;
  • sleeping;
  • eating or drinking;
  • running out of stamina (becoming exhausted);
  • passing out (either by working while exhausted or or staying up late).
  • (health exp) healing via sleeping and eating

Get enough XP, and your endurance will level up and increase your max stamina and health.


  • Save file safe with no permanent changes made, all vitals are applied at the beginning of the day and removed at the end. (Inspired by Stronger You).
  • Works with Walk of Life Prestige (Untested, but it "should").
  • Works with mod added Stardrops.