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A cleaned up version of Abigail's sprite, including fixes such as the removal of her bowlegs, making the placement of her bow and the part of her hair consistent, and making her eye colour match her portrait.

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Chello, all!

I love love love the look of Stardew Valley. But the more I watch the people wandering around Pelican Town, the more I dislike how...messy their sprites seem, or how they seem to look so different from their portraits. Especially with characters who have a single-sided feature!

As it was, it was Abigail's single-sided features that really got to me. The bow! The hair part! Why did they switch sides? Where did her bow go? Why is her hair shaped so strangely from the side? Why is her head so awkward from the back? And before I knew it I had her image file open and I was fixing all the things I was unduly stressed about.

I shared the files with my mother and grandmother, so I've decided to share it here as well, if anyone else wanted it!

There's a few files to choose from; I did one without her bow, since it's not in her portrait, but my grandmother requested it back, so I have a version with it as well. I also, while I was there, did a small recolour on her wedding dress, so there's files available with it and without. It's still white, because I don't think she could fight off Caroline's pleas to please NOT go for the gothic lolita dress, but the blue is a little less bright and more like the shade I made her eyes. (Though now I wonder if a gothic lolita dress could be done in pixel art.)

I might end up doing others - very probably, since I have Sebastian and Emily's files open and beginning edits done - and if I do I'll link them here. :)

Please enjoy!

See my Emily sprite here!
See my Caroline sprite here!
See my Jodi and Vincent sprites and portraits here!

*Every file includes a backup of the original sprite .xnb!*

*This is the only place I've uploaded these files.*