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A large farm with a Spa, Quarry, a larger Greenhouse and much more

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I am sorry to say I will not be updating this mod anymore. I have not been interested in stardew valley for a long time. I always feel compelled to answer every comment, and I'm tired of it. Recent SV update also broke the mod in some way, and I don't feel like fixing it. You can still download the mod if you want to play it and click the spoiler button for the description.

Please do not PM me for help with the mod as I will not respond anymore. For any help you need with installing mods you can go to stardew valley discord.



- Dedicated Farming Fields
- Dedicated Animal Fields (The entrances have invisible walls that prevent animals from escaping)
- Relocated and expanded Greenhouse. Now has space for 360+ Crops (Optimized for vanilla Iridium Sprinkler) and 12 Fruit Trees
- Relocated and expanded Cave. The Cave has 3 minecart shortcuts that provide quick access to remote areas of the farm
- Minecart network access on the Farm and Cave. However the Cave version can not be traveled to from other areas
- A few other shortcuts around the farm
- Second Entrance to the Bus Stop
- A new area on the west side of the farm which connects to the Secret Woods
- Permanent 'Shed' to place your kegs and whatnot
- Spa/pool to recover Energy (Locked behind Steel Axe and Pickaxe to prevent cheating in early game)
- A Tunnel to the Pool
- A matching World Map
- Many custom tiles / sprites made by me, and others

The latest version of the map is slightly different than the screenshots on this mod page

These features were removed due to the required mods being incompatible with SV 1.3. They will be added back in the future
(i know these mods had been updated again)
- Quarry
- Foraging
- Minecart traveling to the farm

MTN support will be added ONLY when that mod is finished and when proper instructions on how to use it are provided

Multiplayer info:
- Prebuilt cabins do not work, they are bugged and you have to buy them from carpenter instead
- There is a bug on this map which doesn't cause it to display in the co-op menu. To fix it you need to first buy a cabin from the carpenter and save the game.


This mod does not contain any of the required mods files. You must still download those seperately!

MAIN FILE (Content Patcher version)

Content Patcher

And I recommend to install 7zip for easy drag and drop installation of the downloaded files
Download 7zip

While this mod is installed it is not possible to play on ANY other farm map / farm type! Any mod that changes the following maps is incompatible!


1. Download all required mods and install them first
2. Download this mod and open the zip file
3. Copy the "[CP] Immersive Farm 2" folder to Mods folder located where you installed Stardew Valley
4. In game start a new character and choose the default standard farm.

If you want to play this map as co-op you will have to buy cabins from the carpenter first, or else it won't work. Prebuilt cabins do not spawn.

Navigate to Stardew Valley/Mods and delete "[CP] Immersive Farm 2" folder

If you have any of the following mods, also download optional compatibility file:
- Eemies Recolour
- Starblue Valley
- Starry Sky Interface
- Vintage Interface
- Less Yellow Stardew
- Even More Secret Woods
- Errosavia's Tree Happy Greenhouse
- 15x10 Greenhouse

Compatibility Mods Installation
They should be installed only AFTER the main file

1. Download the file and open the zip file
2. Open the folder for the mod you want to install
3. Copy the "[CP] Immersive Farm 2" folder inside to the Mods folder where you installed Stardew Valley. Overwrite any files when asked.
4. Read any additional txt files included for more information or instructions

When you install a compatibility mod, you should remove the affected files in the original mod. If the mod only changes 1 file then you can delete the whole mod. Example: If the only file the mod changes is greenhouse.tbin then you could delete the whole mod. But if the mod changes greenhouse.tbin and it adds a new tilesheet then you should only delete greenhouse.tbin

To know which files are affected look in the Assets folder


2.0.0 - Uploaded new version for Stardew Valley 1.3
Full list of changes:

- redone all debris
- added a radio to change music
- added a book to view farmer statistics
- Smoothed out northern exit
- Made it possible to place items on the stone tiles surrounding greenhouse
- Removed dependency on DesertTiles.xnb which caused issues for some users
- Reduced the straightness of some roads that arent in the main central area of the farm
- Added missing branch on fallen log in river
- Fixed issue with fall extras tilesheet
- Fixed some clipping trees/bushes on far east side of the map
- Changed flowers on forest roof in summer to be more spread out and consistent
- Replaced mushrooms with custom version
- Added many hardwood on the farm because they are now non respawnable (atleast until MTN)
- Made greenhouse accessible from the start (previously was blocked by large log and boulder) just try not to use it until you unlock it legitimately

- Uploaded optional version which has single big dirt field.
- Fixed water trough near greenhouse
- Prevented debris from spawning in some locations

Old changelog

1.0.0 - Initial Release
1.0.1 - Fixed Greenhouse invisible walls
1.0.2 - Fixed invisible fences at the animal pens
1.0.3 - Fixed Crash when entering the farm at night
1.0.4 - Added some new decorations
1.0.5 - Removed changes to Backwoods area you can download these now as optional file
1.0.6 - Fixed a few invisible buildings, and replaced some of the flowers in different seasons to better looking ones
1.0.7 - Added a matching world map, also added a couple more decorations and removed flowers under a fence
1.0.8 - Fixed invisible buildings in Winter, and fixed a missing tree on the world map
1.0.9 - Tweaked world map, changed a few flowers around and removed 1 flower (near the mouse statue)
1.1.0 - Tweaked Spa area, changed a few flowers/bushes in different seasons and uploaded compatible version for Eemies Map Recolour
1.1.1 - Fixed Grandpa's Shrine text, added signposts with directions around the farm, added down pointing arrow to fonts (replaces " { ")
1.1.2 - Added summer_town.xnb which is missing in the vanilla game
1.1.3 - Fixed map transition while on horseback
1.1.4 - Fixed black tile at pool entrance
1.1.5 - Added many new decorations on cliff walls, added signs in the cave for the minecarts.
1.1.6 - Updated config files for Forage and Mining at the Farm mods.
1.1.7 - Added debris version, several other tweaks / fixes. Read the readme for full changelog
1.1.8 - Fixed a lantern not lighting up at night, fixed sparkles in water not being walkable
1.1.9 - Reworked area around backwoods entrance, added a house for pet, changed colour of pool, changed mailbox to default
1.2.0 - Updated readme with more important instructions
1.2.1 - Fixed mining at the farm config file, made quarry diggable, fixed random water source in grass
1.2.2 - Fixed bush inside pet house in debris version
1.2.3 - Added new config files for new versions of Forage/Mining at the Farm, Added mushroom foraging to Cave
1.2.4 - Updated readmes with up to date information and clarified certain steps. Uploaded overwrite version incase any mods break in the future.
1.2.5 - Updated mod to use Content Patcher for replacing the greenhouse so it should be compatible with any mod that changes houses.xnb (will not yet work for seasonal immersion)


- EemieStardew
Used their Flowers, sprites from their victorian buildings mod

- Maleha
Used their Waterfalls

- Ruevian
Used their Willow Trees

- Meevers
Used their Picnic blanket and other sprites

- Flor3nce2456
Used some of their sprites

- Acerbicon
Used their map as a base, and some of their tiles

- EmissaryOfInfinity
For making compatible file for A less yellow Stardew mod

- FlashShifter
For making compatible file for Starblue Valley mod

- Pathoschild
For helping me with making it work with Content Patcher and much more