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Makes your Shed maps look new and fresh towards more fancy and realistic layout.

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Changes the appearance of vanilla Shed maps (small and big).


  •   "Recolor": "Vanilla, Rustic Country Town (Dark), Rustic Country Town (White), Vibrant Pastoral, Starblue, Earthy" - changes the color of wall and pillar borders
  •   "Allow Casks in Sheds": "true, false" - allows to place casks in sheds (disabled by default)
  •   "Small Shed Redesighn": "true, false"
  •   "Big Shed Redesighn":  "true, false".


  • Install Content Patcher and Extra Map layers
  • Put "Redesigned Shed Layout" folder from archive into your main "Mods" folder.
  • Done!

More about installing and deinstalling:

When installing this mod on already existing save file (if you already have sheds in your farm map), I suggest to pick up all your furniture before installing the mod (or use Noclip mode to pick it up later) - because your furniture placement will be shifted a bit)

Same goes with deinstalling - pick up all your furniture before you deinstall or use Noclip after.

This mod DOES NOT destroy your furniture in any way (all the furniture data you placed by hand is stored in your save file and this mod does not touch it at all). So if you lost some of your furniture afted installing or deinstalling - it's just got overlapped by some walls or wall borders, but it's still there, you just need to search it).


  • Compatible with recolors and retextures (but wall and pillar borders in sheds can only use the colors listed in config),
  • Compatible with expansion mods (SVE, RSV, East Scarp and any other),
  • Compatible with all the mods that don't change the Shed map (at least it should be),
  • Should probably work fine in multiplayer but I didn't test it,
  • Dunno about mobile 1.5 compability, I didn't test it.

Mods used in screenshots:

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