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Replaces your cat with a Chao from the Sonic series!

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I saw another Chao mod on here and thought I'd take a crack at it myself!

This mod replaces your cat's sprites with a Chao's, ripped from Sonic Advance 3 and modified/reanimated by me. I've also added optional SFX replacements and an icon for the inventory!

Note though that if you have any other mods replacing the Wave Bank XACT and Cursors.xnb, for audio and UI mods respectively, you'll have to combine these mods with those yourself (or replace them)!


For the visuals; just extract it to your Stardew Valley folder! Everything is already organized properly. When it asks to replace any files say yes (you might want to backup the original files first). Or of course you can use a mod manager.

For the SFX, you'll have to install them yourself. There's an optional download for those and you can click here for an easy guide on how to install them (they're already properly encoded)! 

Credit to Ren "Foxx" Ramos for ripping the sprites and Flandre9999vr for ripping the audio