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Adds new locations and npcs for you to find and explore!

Permissions and credits

This mod is ONLY on Nexus, and if it's uploaded anywhere else, please report it to us.
Some people may steal Nexus mods and reupload them elsewhere for profit.
You'll never have to pay for this, because our mod is completely free, and is only meant to be here.

Please keep in mind that DewTale is still in developement, you may find:
Bugs, unfinished dialogue and schedules, lack of content that will be added in the future, errors in festival places, and more.
If you find a bug while using DewTale, please report it in comments.

DewTale is compatible with:
Ridgeside Village, various custom NPCs, and all other mods as long as they don't edit the forest or archaeology map.

DewTale is not currently compatible with:
Stardew Valley Expanded

If you find a mod that isn't compatible with DewTale, please tell us so we may list it here.
Compatibility is not on the list of to-do's yet, but once Underdew is fully functioning we will work on making it compatible with SVE.


DewTale is  forest area of Stardew you will find homes of new npcs!

Some of the npcs you will find so far are UnderTale related but are AU versions of said characters!
They are bare bones at the moment and only have a few new things about them but once we finish up bug tests and adding all homes and npcs planned we will expand on their dialogues!
Schedules are random for some and others are more planned out to try and mimic the feel of normal npcs of Stardew!
Spamton npc is allowed into the area via schedule if you have Spamton on you will also need this mod too.
(Working on making this schedule dependant on the mod so they can be separate)

As of now it is still in development, but we do have a lot of ideas but could use more hands on deck!

If you wish to help or are interested in this mod's future in any way you can contact me or my other modder at Discord!
My Discord is :
(John edit this without telling me, and I'm very stressed out. If you wish to work on this mod please communicate with both of us, not just John.)

Content Patcher is required for Underdew to properly function. 
SAAT is required for custom music to play within the custom locations!

Generic Mod Config Menu is required for alternate portraits.

Sans and Papyrus have different portraits and sprites!
Eventually all the characters will have these, but it will take some time.
(Papyrus portrait is still in the works, it will be public soon.)

In order to configurate alternate portraits, load SMAPI and click the gear icon on the title screen.
Scroll until you find an option labelled '(CP) DewTale' and pick between 'AngeloftheWastes27' or 'Mitchellojello',
save the changes and you're done.

These are the only configuration options currently available in game.

1. Download the folder from the files page and unzip it, doesn't matter where you unzip as long as you don't move files inside [CP] DewTale around.

2. Copy and paste or drag the folder into the 'Mods' folder SMAPI makes in the Stardew Valley folder. If you use Steam by default you can find this folder at C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Stardew Valley\Mods

3. Load SMAPI and you're done, thanks for downloading the mod!

(Note: SMAPI is StardewModdingAPI)

"Is [CP] DewTale compatible with Stardew Valley Expanded?" 

Right now, no. We aren't technically knowledged enough in other mods and custom maps to work on compatibility issues just yet, but [CP] Underdew is compatible with Ridgeside Village as it doesn't change the Forest map.

"Is this DewTale related to canon Undertale?" 

DewTale is considered it's own universe, and is thus a mix of both Undertale and Stardew Valley!
We inspire to make our content as merged with the world as possible so you can feel invested in the story of both the original game and DewTale!

"Does this contain anything NSFW?" 

No, this mod will always follow Stardew Valley's intended age rating.

"I spotted a bug in game, how do I report it?" 

To report a bug you've encountered in game, please make a post on this mod page and remember to take a screenshot or video of the bug you encountered.
From there, one of the mods will give you access to their email or Discord DMs to discuss the bug further and hopefully provide a fix.

Check out our other mods!
Spamton NPC,
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and Klonoa And Huepow NPC.
(Note: Some NPCs listed may be unfinished or have more bugs than Sans.)

Special Thanks to Mitchellojello for working along side me to make this mod better!

Page last editted February 23th, 2023 6:57PM by Mitchellojello

This mod is on break! It will still be updated to keep it working for future versions but for now there will be no addons to this mod till annonced!
Thanks for understand!