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Access to cliffs, fenced off areas, and otherwise blocked areas.

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***If you get a bunch of errors when trying to load a save, go into the assets folder and delete spring_outdoorsTilesheet***

I got tired of having forage items spawn in areas I couldn't reach, so I dived into map editing for the first time.
In all the maps posted, I've made static trees live, added berry bushes and choppable trees, removed trash/debris.

Fixed some errors on Mountain map.
Fixed visual bug with shipping bin on older farms.

My maps are now compatible with Robiin's town shortcuts!
FINALLY added the Four Corners farm, and also got the new Island Farm as well!

Fixed some tilesheet order errors.
My summit map SHOULD be compatibe with the credits cutscene, I have not been able to test it myself quite yet.
Fixed big tree on mountain map.
Fixed dropboxs on railroad and beach

*New in 21.0.0*
Happy New Year!
This adds fixes to a couple of things added in Stardew 1.5
You should now be able to move the Greenhouse properly, and the Special Orders Board should be visible while using the Free Dusty town.
I've added an option to remove the rock leading to the summit, off by default.
There's also an option to load my summit vs the new vanilla one!


**All options are true/false**
**Other maps can be disabled inside content.json
'Farm' - Turns on the default Farm edit
'WildernessFarm' - Turns on the Wilderness Farm edit
'RiverlandFarm' - Turns on the Riverland Farm edit
'ForestFarm' - Turns on the Forest Farm edit
'Hill-TopFarm' - Turns on the Hill-Top Farm edit
'IslandFarm' - Turns on Island Farm edit
'FourCornersFarm' - Turns on the Four Corners farm edit
'Free Dusty' - Adds Karmylla's Free Dusty area
'Summit' - Turns on my summit map
'Rock Removed' - Removes the rock blocking access to summit


Removed extra warps between maps - see below
Fixed a couple config errors.
Fixed ladders with wrong backgrounds.
Added compatibility for 4.1:
   Joja trashbin
   Golden Scythe cave enterance
   Updated forest map for Trashbear - see known issues
   Updated backwoods for Abigail's 14 heart event
Coming Soon
Expanded 4 corners map! See if I can't give a BIT more room round the edges, open up some of those trees and bushes on cliffs!
About my warps....
Ok, so ver 20 comes with a hard choice from me. I love the idea of having extra warps between maps. REALLY love it.
It was cool learning how, fun making the little paths and signposts between them.
Even outside of the fact that the town/beach and forest/beach warps freak out NPCs (game coding, no errors of mine)....
Very understandably, people want compatibility with other map mods they use. Of course they do!
It's gotten to the point where there's so many variations of maps to remove warps that my brain is hurting trying to work out the config, 
and I'm ending up with like.... at least 20 different town maps, not even sure how many!
And even outside my frustration, it was requring so many config options that were just confusing people.
So starting in version 20, I'm removing the extra warps, and just having maps people can turn on and off as needed.
I'm gonna have my current varients backed up if someone else wants to tackle them, but I would rather get out a simpler mod that I can enjoy maintaining!

***Option for No Warp now turns off any warp to and from the beach, should fix stuck villagers
***Option for 'River Gorge' is available for those using the water under the bridge mod. 
This turns off my two extra town<->mountain warps
*There are several town map variants in play now to deal with compatibility of my maps and the free dusty and gorge options

Now including Karmylla's Dusty edits (Free Dusty)

Now the ropes on the beach docks can be walked on!
Now the ladders look normal against the background, 
no matter the season or recolor you might be using!
Thanks to BeneathThePlass for the improved ladder and ropes idea!

New stuff!
I've made my own summit map, check it out!
There's a new stairway towards the summit area, take your horse up there!
There is now a warp between the town river and the mountain lake area, 
as well as a path between the backwoods and the cliffs above the community center!

Thanks to Riviner and Kryzalin for ideas, testing, and wonky tile spotting :)


***Credit to Backwoods and Bus Stop Tweaks by zanderb14 for the idea of adding ladders to maps!
***Content from Karmylla's Free Dusty
***Seen in screenshots are various recolors/retextures by Eemiestardew (so much pretty stuff!!!!)
***Thanks to asunai2 for helping me test my farm edits!
***Thanks to Riviner and Kryzalin for ideas, testing, and wonky tile spotting :)
***Thanks to BeneathThePlass for the improved ladder and ropes idea!