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This content pack for Alternative Textures contains 3 sets of recolored and retextured furniture: “Seasons in the Woods”, “Home Garden” and “Burgundy Color”. You can use them all together or individually.

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Hello everyone, I have never done pixel art or mods before. I love Stardew Valley and home decorating and made this pack for my personal use. Pixel art (even just recoloring) turned out to be a very interesting and addictive process, i made three sets of furniture at once, lol. And i decided to share this mod with everyone, and hope it will be useful.

You`ll see that some of the furniture are not realistic, but in Stardew you can meet a wizard, witch and other weird creatures, so i think it`s fine :)

Most furniture in this mod are available from the Furniture Catalogue, but there two craftables - chest (50 wood) and mini fridge (can be purchased at the Carpenter’s Shop for 3,000g), i just wanted more useful furniture that suit the interiors. And there are few other things you can obtain in game process.

How to use this mod:
Please note: It`s a content pack for Alternative Textures (more detail about Alternative Textures mod), so be sure you have AT mod already or download it.
Download this mod.
Extract it and drop into your mods folder (you can drop all three sets (folders) or some of them, at your preferences).
In game: buy the tool “paint bucket” for 500g from Robin. And use it on things you want to change.
Note: Each folder with furniture set contains text file with List of used items, and an image where you can also see all recolored vanilla items.

Most recolors are located in one place, it`s makes home decoration easier, e.g., just get “Walnut Bench” and all Bench recolors will be there.

All items in this pack are tagged for in-built search function. Seasons in the Woods tags: “Alya”, “Woods”, “Seasons” ; Home Garden tags: “Alya”, “Garden” and Burgundy Color tags: “Alya” , “Burgundy”.

If there are any bugs, please let me know, I`ll try to solve them (most likely I`ll google their solution, haha), but if there are extra pixels or something wrong with the images, I`ll fix it.

All sprites in this mod are vanilla sprites recolored by me or drawn by me.

Upgrades v.1.1.0:
Added a few new furniture items: SmallFishTank, ModernFishTank, DeluxeFishTank, LargeFishTank, AquaticSanctuary,  WallSconce, WoodPanel, BurlapRug. One more craftable - Garden Pot. A few variations of Patchwork Rug and one Topiary Tree (Home Garden set). And made some pixel fixes :)
Also added an option to download sets separatelly.

Have fun with decorating!