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If you're using the Villagers Anime Portraits mod by Bunnihime this is the matching sprite to go with Maru's portrait (It includes Maru's hospital sprites as well)

Permissions and credits

This is a sprite mod that goes with Bunnihime's Villagers Anime Portraits mod so if you haven't seen it already, go check it out!
(I have gotten permission to post) 

If you're interested, check out my other mods: Less Creepy Marnie Sprite &  Espeon Cat

* Also if you have any suggestions for this mod feel free to let me know! Feedback is always welcome *

To Install:

1. Download the file

2. Go to your Stardew Valley folder > Contents > Characters 

3. Find Maru.xnb and rename to Maru.xnb.bck, then rename Maru_Hospital.xnb to Maru_Hospital.xnb.bck (Doing this
    backs up the original file and keeps it inactive in it's folder so you never lose it)

4. Unzip the downloaded file

5. Place the new Maru.xnb and Maru_Hospital.xnb in the characters folder (Make sure to leave Maru.xnb.bck and        
    Maru_Hospital.xnb.bck in the same folder)

6. Yay!! You're done! 

To Uninstall:

1. Go to your Stardew Valley folder > Contents > Characters

2. Find Maru.xnb and Maru_Hospital.xnb and remove them (put them in another folder, delete them, whatever you want)

3. Rename Maru.xnb.bck back to Maru.xnb and Maru_Hospital.xnb.bck back to Maru_Hospital.xnb

4. That's all! Launch the game

Note: When you rename the files it will pop up a thing saying something like "this file could become unusable", you can click yes and the files will be fine don't worry

~If you would like to upload this mod to another site please let me know and link me in the description, thank you!