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Farmer Preset. Play as Childe/Tartaglia from Genshin Impact! Comes with shirt, scarf, hairstyle, and portraits! Pants not included...

"Hello, Comrade! Perfect weather for fishing! The sound of the rain scares them away, but once it stops, they're yours for the taking."

Permissions and credits
Play as the Eleventh Fatui Harbinger from Genshin Impact. This is the prelude to my upcoming Project Genshin Overhaul. Requires aedenthorn's framework, Farmer Portraits and PeacefulEnd's framework, Fashion Sense. Special thanks to these amazing mod authors!


Includes two portraits of the Farmer/Tartaglia with configurable expressions: the optional smiling portrait and default neutral expression.


Dress up in the unique Eleventh Harbinger attire using the Hand Mirror.
Also includes hairstyle, animated scarf/cloak accessory, and shirt. 
Pants not included. You will need to dye your own pants. Light grey pants are recommended.

Hand Mirror Tutorial:

* Includes hairstyle, accessory, and shirt
* Pants not included. You will need to dye your own pants. Light grey pants are recommended.

How to enable the Farmer: Childe/Tartaglia Portraits in-game:

Using the Generic Mod Config Menu, enable all the checkboxes in the image below under the "Farmer Portraits" mod.
Make sure to not have any other Farmer portrait mods installed (example: Aether farmer portrait) 
Only one farmer portrait mod should be installed at a time.

*Also keep in mind that you may need to lower the zoom level of the UI interface in the settings in-game for portraits to show properly.

Special Thanks to YriKururu for additional help with portraits.

Want to track my progress on Project Genshin Overhaul? You can check my Project Genshin Showcase on my Ko-fi here. I am also active in the East Scarp discord.