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Less cartoony monsters and creatures for all your monster slaying needs.

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I love the original art style of Stardew Valley, but personally I am trying to go for a less saturated/gloomier look.

As a part of the modding process, I have decided to make my own creature sprites. Some of them are a recolor of existing ones, and some of them are made completely from scratch.

The main idea is to make monsters less cute and sometimes redesign them to make them scarier or more menacing, i.e. my replacement of a goomba-like metal head with a small military robot scurrying on spider legs, or removal of cute eyes from slimes, and replacement of their "bubble" on top with scarier snail-like eyes on antennas.

You can see the example pictures in the mod picture section.

Installation and configuration:

1. Install SMAPI and Content Patcher.
2. Drop this mod in /mods/ folder.

You can turn on/off resprites of specific creatures using Generic Mod Config Menu.


Recommended to use with More anthro krobus with a matching color/style Krobus shadow person.