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About this mod

This modification adds an entirely new standalone NPC to your town! Character is from another game called "Rune Factory 3"

Permissions and credits
This modification adds an entirely new standalone NPC to your game!
She is a bachelorette from Rune Factory 3. She is also know as Pia in some versions of the game.
This mod strives to reimplement her into Stardew Valley, attempting to replicate her whimsical nature as close as possible,
while attempting to make the character fit into the Stardew Valley Context.

Currently she is pretty much a potato, but she is getting there.

[Currently Implemented Features]
  • She is functional as a standalone NPC, she is not a reskin
  • She currently attends all the events, she doesn't participate in activities yet
  • She has a basic schedule, this takes time to write but will be expanded on
  • She has unique dialogue for everyday of the year, with some limitations
  • Her disposition resembles her RF3 rendition, feed her squid.

[Upcoming Features]
  • Introductory cutscene
  • Fully fleshed out schedule
  • Heart Events
  • Weather based clothing/the mermaid form 
  • Marriage

How to install
  1. Install SMAPI 1.15.11
  2. Follow readme included

  • Has not been tested with any other mods, combine with disgression
  • You will probably want to backup your save file or better yet, just use a new save until I figure out how to use Entoarax's Framework
  • The game seems to stop reading her unique dialogue lines after year 1, so you might want a new file to see her dialogue till I figure this out
  • How do I art

v0.0.1: Initial Release
v0.0.2: Dialogue now extends for an entire year and is entirely unique
v0.0.3: Updated SMAPI Version, added fixed dispositions
v0.0.4: Updated SMAPI Version, fixed dialogue loop
v0.0.5: Updated Artstyle to something more bearable

Thanks to @Travoos for the initial NPC template source code.
Find my thread on the Stardew Valley mod forums if you have any questions.