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Allow barn auto-grabbers to collect truffles.

Permissions and credits
Auto-Grab Truffles will extend vanilla barn auto-grabber functionality to also work on truffles. And only truffles.

Truffles are placed in an auto-grabber in the barn where the pig that found them is housed. Truffles will only be collected if they are found while the mod is installed AND enabled (first configuration setting).

This mod (when enabled) will override the truffle collection behavior in Deluxe Grabber Redux if installed; other functions of DGR should be unaffected.

Configuration (Edit with Generic Mod Config Menu or through the config.json file)

Notes on Multiplayer
This mod has not been tested in multiplayer. In theory, truffles are collected if they are found by pigs owned by the current player, but again, this is not tested outside of single player. Feel free to try this mod in your multiplayer game, but be warned that some things might get borked. (If y'all do try it, let me know how it goes.)