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Adds an exterior entrance and exit to the cellar for quick access.

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This is a mod I am surprised I haven't seen done recently. The only similar ones are years old and abandoned, so I remade it myself from scratch. 

After upgrading your house to have a cellar, Robin will sell a ladder and outdoor hatch to place in your cellar and farm respectively. The default location for the ladder is to the left of the staircase (2,7), and for the hatch is to the right of the house above the mailbox (70, 14). If you use a custom farm map or want to put the ladder and/or hatch anywhere else, read the instructions below. 

This mod is made with Dynamic Game Assets and as such requires: 

Now features 6 different base and door color options for 36 combinations! Just choose one from the optional file and replace the original hatch.png

New in 1.1: added forward-facing rotation. Color variants now in main file.

To change where the ladder or hatch take you:
I'm sorry but this is the only way I could get it to work. If you can help, please let me know; the documentation for DGA is somewhat lacking.

  1.  In game, move your character to you want to end up. 
  2. In the SMAPI console, type: debug ppp and take note of the (X,Y) coordinates. 
  3.  Close the game and open furniture.json in a text editor. 
  4. For the hatch or ladder, replace the two numbers in every "Action": "Warp # # Farm/Cellar" with your coordinates. There are 8 sets to replace for the hatch and 1 set for the ladder. Make sure you only change the numbers, everything else should look the same! 
  5. Save the file and open the game to try it out.
Suggested coordinates (vanilla farms):
  Right of house, just above mailbox (default) - 70, 15
  Right of house, further up - 70, 13
  Left of house, further up - 56, 13

  Left of staircase (default) - 2, 7
  Right of staircase - 5, 7

If SMAPI throws red errors you may have made a mistake, just delete and reinstall the mod and start over. If errors persist, feel free to ask for help.

Mods used in screenshots:
Medieval Buildings
Vibrant Pastoral Recolor

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