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Adds over 50 various decorations from the seasonal festivals as furniture for your home

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This is the new version made for Dynamic Game Assets!
Updated! Reworked! Expanded!

Not sure if it's compatible with the old CustomFurniture version, but you shouldn't need both anyway.


To install, just extract the .zip file into your Mods folder

Get the furniture from the catalogue, or buy it from Robin; each season can be disabled in config.json to avoid clogging up the shop menu, this adds a lot of stuff.  Disabling a season in Robin's shop will only remove them from her shop, and does not affect crafting recipes or the catalogue. 

NEW IN 2.1: Each season can now be disabled entirely from the mod. This is to help with compatibility for mods like Gervig91's Furniture that add some of the same items. Doing this will remove them from the catalogue, crafting recipes, and the game code entirely, so don't do it in-game!

(yellow = new)
  • Easter Eggs (4 variants)
  • Rabbit Photo Standee
  • Flower Basket
  • Flower Pot
  • Flag Rope Dividers (horizontal and vertical objects, craftable fences)
  • Feast Tables (5 variants, work as tables)

  • Luau Soup
  • Linus' Spit Roast
  • Tiki Torch (produces light)
  • Tiki Drum & Mallet
  • Speakers (2 variants)
  • Long Party Table (2 variants, works as table)

  • Zombie Hand (animated)
  • Bubbling Cauldron (animated)
  • Blue flame (animated, produces light)
  • Jack-O-Lantern (2 variants, produces light, won't rot)
  • Pumpkin
  • Skull
  • Bones
  • Spider (small and large)
  • Spider's Eggs (2 variants)
  • Spooky TV (animated, produces light)
  • Skeleton Window
  • Black Cat Window (animated)
  • Party Table (2 variants, works as a table)

  • Presents (4 variants)
  • Snowmen (4 variants)
  • Ice Statue (3 variants)
  • Igloo
  • Giant Candy Cane (large and small)
  • Holly (hangs on wall, craftable!)
  • Wall Star (produces light)
  • Wreaths (3 variants)
  • Tiny Wall Tree
  • Tiny Wall Candy Cane
  • Potted Holly Bush
  • Colored Light Windows (2 variants)
  • Fish Barrel (craftable, bought from Willy*)
  • Garland Dividers (horizontal and vertical, craftable fences)
  • Party Table (2 variants, works as a table)

*the item and recipe will still be in Willy's shop if you remove Winter items from Robin's shop, but not if you disable the month entirely. This is intentional as they don't take up nearly as much room in the list and aren't strictly season exclusive.

Known bugs: 
  • Crafting recipes don't display correctly in shops. This is a known bug with DGA that I can't help. The recipes display correctly in the crafting menu.
  • Fences in a vertical line display as a row of posts, unlike the static dividers they're based on. This seems to be a quirk of the game system itself and I have no idea how it could be bypassed.

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