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About this mod

this mod is meant to make Stardew Valley feels new and interesting again by adding more playstyles and challenges and balancing the game aspects at the same time!

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your grandpa just passed down the farm to you.. a new journey full of adventures and memories.. or that's what you thought
 suddenly you look around and all you see is a strange blue fruit no one ever heard of... you run around and you find hella many pigs??
is that how I wanted to live? you wonder, full of money in just 3 years but your passion is gone... you decide to quit farming and leave the valley hoping your grandson won't repeat your mistakes and will live his life the way he wants and not for money only!
welcome, new farmer! this is my take on balancing this lovely game to make it more realistic, challenging, 
lively, and fun, hope you like it <3

⌞here's a spreadsheet of all of the data, changes, and prices, it has everything you need but for further details read the features below⌝

◟ Features ◝

Do you love farming but you feel like this isn't realistic enough?
Do you always get rich and bored of the game by year 3 and end up with a farm full of ancient fruit?
This mod makes crops more realistic based on real information in terms of how many days to grow and the growing season and how many harvests etc.
it also balances the prices so you don't have overpowered options, all without breaking the game's timeframe, fun, and fantasy!

Farming Styles
there are three farming styles, all balanced but each one has a unique way to play:

› Deadline Mode
A vanilla-friendly mode that gives you profitable farming while slowing progression in new ways:
- Limiting the player to having to plant most of the crops on the first day of the season only and get the harvest at the end of its season(s).
- Removing the regrowth ability, and the extra harvests from almost all crops.

- Farming Community Center Bundles are now harder to finish.

- Balancing artisan goods (Honey, Pale Ale, Beer, Mead, Coffee, Tea).
- Balancing mill products (Rice, Sugar, Wheat Flour).
- Fertilizers are a lot more valuable in this mode.

› Realistic Mode
this mode is the best for people who want the most realistic farming possible:
- Adding/removing the ability to regrow for some crops to be realistic
- Changing crop maturing days depending on their maturing days in real life (IRL days ÷ 10).
- Changing crop seasons to match their harvest seasons in real life.

- Balancing artisan goods (Honey, Pale Ale, Beer, Mead, Coffee, Tea).
- Balancing mill products (Rice, Sugar, Wheat Flour).

Shops Changes For Realistic Farming Style
shops will now match the new farming changes and sell seeds in their new seasons

› Pierre
- Pierre sells at 20%+ the prices at the start but gives discounts up to 30% (10% less than vanilla prices) when you have 10 hearts with him
- When you complete the Community Center AND reach year 3, Pierre will sell all seeds for all seasons year round!
that means Mobile players can have this feature as well, but also means buying Pierre's Missing Stocklist from Qi's shop is useless now.

› JojaMart
- JojaMart now gives a 10% discount when you complete the joja route, what a generous company!
- When you complete the Joja Warehouse AND reach year 3, JojaMart will sell all seeds for all seasons year round! (but Pierre won't)
(if you're using SVE you need to disable SVE JojaMart in their config so it doesn't conflict with this)

please note that you'll need to download the (STF) file from Optional Files to apply these shop changes.
do not download the (STF) file unless you're using the Realistic Farming Style.

› Vanilla Mode
this mode is a balanced version of vanilla crops, with no changes to days or seasons:
- Balancing artisan goods (Honey, Pale Ale, Beer, Mead, Coffee, Tea).
- Balancing mill products (Rice, Sugar, Wheat Flour).

Extra Farming Features
› Balanced Fruit Trees
this will balance fruit trees for both vanilla and modded trees, making your tree farm has never been better!

› Corrected Categories
Tomato, Eggplant, and Pumpkin are fruits! On the other hand, Rhubarb is NOT a fruit! all have been fixed now!

Supported Mods
› Adventurer's Guild Expanded

› Stardew Valley Expanded
› Ridgeside Village
› Lunna Astray
› East Scarp
› PPJA - Fruits and Veggies
› PPJA - Mizu's Flowers
› Winter Crops
› The Love of Cooking

Are you tired of pigs and truffle oil? want to try another lifestyle but still need money? this mod rebalances animal product prices so you don't have to go for pigs every time you play! with this mod, you can make an excellent profit from any animal

Ranching Style

› Realistic Mode
a new concept for raising animals to make you feel like a real rancher!
- Raising animals to sell them is actually profitable in this mode.
- Animals take a longer time to grow/produce depending on their days in real life.

› Normal Mode
this mode is a balanced version of vanilla animals, with no changes to days or sell prices

Extra Ranching Features
› Big Dinos
this will make Dinosaurs have the Pepper Rex skin and they will be barn animals instead of the coop

› Better Grass
this will make grass much cheaper for ranchers out there! now it only costs 2 fibers instead of 10

› Ostrich and Golden Mayo
balanced Ostrich and Golden Mayo when you have Ostrich and Gloden mayo installed

I personally love fishing it's so relaxing and peaceful but at the end of the day I get back with not enough money to feed my wife and my poor kids "(
with this mod, you can enjoy fishing without worrying about money, fishes now give a reasonable amount of money based on their difficulty!

Fishing Mode
Although fishing is fun, I know many people who find it so hard and intense, while other people find it very easy and want more challenge
now you can choose the fishing mode that fits you!

› Easy Mode
this mode is the best for people who want an easier mini-game for fishing
- Reducing fish difficulty by 5-30.
- All legendary fish difficulties have been reduced to 80.
- of course with less pain comes less gain.

› Normal Mode
this mode is a balanced version of vanilla without increasing or decreasing difficulties
- Keeps the vanilla feelings but with a better balance.

› Hard Mode
looking for more suffering and pain? look no more
- Increasing fish difficulty by 5-20 including legendary fish.
- More pain means more gain.

Extra Fishing Features
› Challenging Legendary Fish
when enabling this option all legendary fish will be as hard and profitable as the Legend in the mode you're using

› Balanced Crab Pots
Balancing crab pot creatures, making them more profitable and worth making

Supported Mods
› More New Fish

› Stardew Valley Expanded
› Ridgeside Village
› East Scarp

I love going to the mines and skull cavern and always come back with a full inventory but low value after a long day digging in there
 this mod changes the prices of artifacts, minerals, gems, ores, and monster loot to make it worth the time and sweat invested in the mines and skull cavern.

Combat Mode
there are two types of people, people who find the combat in stardew very boring and easy, and people who find it so hard and frustrating
now you can choose the combat mode of your preference!

› Easy Mode
this mode is the best for people who want a very easy & peaceful combat system
- Monsters now have a much less HP and do much less damage.
- you can almost one-shot everything when you have the right weapon.
- remember? no pain no gain, with this mode you get 30% less mining profit since you won't face any real danger.

› Normal Mode
this mode is basically the vanilla combat system for people who don't want any changes.

› Hard Mode
looking for an extra challenge? this might be the mode for you
- Monsters now have ×3 HP and more damage than the normal mode.
- All monsters have 10-speed points (1-3 in normal mode).
- with this mode, you get 20% extra mining profit.

› Nightmare Mode
challenge you say? go back to your farm, kiddo, this place is for experts only!
- Monsters now have ×10 HP and more damage than the normal mode.
- All monsters have 15-speed points (1-3 in normal mode).
- with this mode, you get 50% extra mining profit.
- Good luck... you'll need it

Artifacts & Minerals System Fix
we all know that minerals and artifacts become trash after redeeming them once in the museum, this mod is meant to fix that and give them their real value!

- Changing the geodes system into classes, you get specific minerals from each geode type.
- Balances minerals and artifacts, minerals and artifacts are NOT trash anymore.

- Makes completing the museum more balanced.
- Treasure chests in fishing are more rewarding now.
- Increasing monster loot prices
- Balancing ore and bar prices
- the profit is different depending on the combat mode you're using

you can now choose the difficulty of your liking!
A balanced version of crafting recipes will be added soon.

Building Mode
check the spreadsheet for details and numbers

› Easy Mode
this mode is the best for people who want a very easy & fast building

› Normal Mode
this mode is basically the vanilla building materials for people who don't want any changes.

› Hard Mode
a harder version for more challenge

› Professional Mode
looking for an extra challenge? if you love the feeling when you work hard gathering materials then this mod is for you!

check here if you're new to modding

- Install the latest version of SMAPI
- Install  the latest version of Content Patcher
- Install Generic Mod Config Menu (optional if you want to edit config options in-game)
- Install Shop Tile Framework - UNOFFICIAL Wallpaper and Floor Update (if you want to use the Realistic Farming Style)

after downloading the mod, unzip it and put the folder into your mods folder
Also please delete any previous folders you had of my balanced valley mods

◟Config Options◝
underlined words are the default options

› Enable This Mod
On , Off ]

› 1.5 version
[ On , Off ]
Please enable this option if you're not playing on mobile

› Farming Style
Normal , Realistic , Deadline , Disable ]

› Balanced Artisan Goods
On , Off ]

› Balanced Mill
On , Off ]

› Balanced Fruit Trees
On , Off ]

› Corrected Categories
On , Off ]

› Ranching Style
Normal , Realistic , Disable ]

› Big Dinos
On , Off ]

› Better Grass
On , Off ]

› Ostrich and Golden Mayo
On , Off ]

› Fishing Mode
[ Easy, Normal, Hard, Disable ]

› Challenging Legendary Fish
[ On , Off ]

› Balanced Crab Pots
On , Off ]

Mining & Combat
› Combat Mode
[ Easy, Normal, Hard, Nightmare ]

› Monsters Speed Changes
On , Off ]

› Balanced Minerals
On , Off ]

› Balanced Artifacts
On , Off ]

› Balanced Gemstones
On , Off ]

› Balanced Ores
On , Off ]

› Balanced Monster Loot
On , Off ]

Building & Crafting
› Building Mode
[ Easy, Normal, Hard, Professional ]

Supported Mods
› "ModName"
On , Off ]

◟Compatibility and Translations◝
Compatible with any mod that doesn't change the same things this mod does.
Compatible with mobile and multiplayer (everyone has to install the mod)
can be installed mid-save but you need to do the following:
- you need to replant your current crops (if using any farming style other than vanilla)
- you need to sell/separate your old items and then stack them with the new ones to switch them to the new prices

translated using Google translator to all known languages, if you found any mistakes and want to improve them post the updated file in the comments

◟Credits and Thanks◝
› Credits and thanks to Theoddon for letting me use his spreadsheet as a template which saved me A LOT of time organizing and displaying the data
› thanks to You for checking this mod! also, many thanks to the modding community and modders in the #making-mods channel in the discord
› shoutout to ch0opera for winning the mini-game in the comments XD

All in all...
look, I'm a university student so I don't really have much time to play and test my mod very well, I'm very open to your feedback and suggestions!
please let me know in the comment section if you feel like something is off or whatever, I love answering questions so don't hesitate at all :D
help me feed my brain and keep improving this mod via PayPal