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Adds 50 for new posters to decorate your farm!

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  • Mandarin
Decorate your home with 50 framed posters depicting the people of Stardew Valley !

This mod is available in English, French and Chinese. (French & English version included by default, Chinese translation is available)

This idea of this mod was somewhat inspired by the villagers photo from Animal Crossing.

You can now display the portrait of your best friends, your spouse or your worst enemy in the your farm.

The posters are available in the Furniture Catalogue and in various shops of the Valley. Here's the list:
  • Pierre will sell posters of: Abigail, Caroline, Pierre
  • Marnie will sell posters of: Lewis, Jas, Shane, Marnie
  • Marlon will sell posters of: Marlon, Marnie
  • Dwarf will sell posters of: Dwarf, Wizard, Marnie, Goblin
  • Robin will sell posters of: Maru, Sebastian, Demetrius, Robin
  • JojaMart will sell posters of: The Governor, Morris
  • Krobus will sell posters of: Bear, Birdie, Gold Lewis, Krobus, Bathing Linus, Gourmand, Trashbear, Mariner, Traveling Merchant
  • Sandy will sell posters of: Emily, Sandy, Leo, Professor Snail, Mr Qi
  • Hat Mouse will sell posters of: Alex, Clint, Elliott, Evelyn, George, The Governor, Gunther, Gus, Haley, Jodi, Kent, Leah, Harvey, Linus, Marnie, Morris, Pam, Penny, Sam, Vincent, Willy, Hat Mouse.

This mod is a content pack for Dynamic Game Assets. You need it and all its requirements to run this mod.

No known compatibility issue. Let me know if you encounter a conflict.

I might add more posters of various townsfolk, monsters and animals. Let me know what you'd like me to add!

ConcernedApe for making the game and the assets that I modified for this mod.
Pathoschild for creating SMAPI and Content Patcher.
spacechase0 for creating DGA.
Puffeeydii for the Chinese translation.