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19062scott -large edits- Lark the Brave -base mod-

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(discontinued) REBOOT of larks 1.0 stardew version. Works for 1.1 - 1.2.33 - 1.3.33 (will updated for 1.3.36)
Added 1.3.2 version FIXED BUGS
Festival grass bug in "Optional files" section (not 1.3.2 yet)
Includes all 3 Dirt types and 4 grass types for all in game Languages Light, Medium, & Dark
In a nice new fil

Permissions and credits
Discontinued as don't have the time. The Content Patcher version will be updated to 1.4 and will most likely get a update so one version covers all languages in one small file should i figure it out fully. This will in turn allow faster updates hopefully for cp and will break less with each update. If you do still use this version and want it updated to 1.4 discord me at 19062scott#7356 as i find i don't get emails for notification from here. I'll see about making you a version for your language

Note may get a update in the future but need time to do so and feel up to it and remember to XD

Standalone/Update for "A Less Yellow Stardew (1.0)" By: Lark the Brave With Language support for all in-game Languages

For update info check the first sticky post for changes and other info on what I'm working on and current news of mods process

For Content Patcher version goto Content Patcher
*Note* Content patcher version may have conflicts with other mods that edit the files used ie. worm replacement

Here is a version made by minervamaga (help from Moo#6953) that knows more about CP then me Download here a way smaller version then mine more info found here where it was posted.
that said they have noted some pixel bugs. (I've not tested myself but from the looks of the file layout and size they know more about a newbe to CP like me)

Festival grass bug fix is downloadable if it really bothers you. Will not be adding into the file of this version. bug will be fixed in 1.3 Content patcher version
(link in quick download links top of list)

Added language support together into smaller file size now has
German, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Russian, Japanese and Simplified Chinese. Will include new 1.3.36 languages when i get the time and i've tested 1.3.2 versions
All in one file for Original grass, grass 1-3. File layout will be like this:
-Light dirt / Medium dirt / Dark dirt (1 of these 3 folders)
  - Original grass / Grass 1 / Grass 2 / Grass 3 (these 4 folders in each above)
     -Content (copy and paste over main content folder in stardew install location)

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Hit the ""Click here to download"" found below each file, to download file listed above.
(some files are from new page for addons and patches to keep main files together)


Version History & Mod Edits the Following Files


Addons / Patches (On a new Page)

Links in quick download near top



To Install & Credit


Mods you may see in pictures so will list here

 - Tractor mod by Pathoschild
 - Vertical Toolbar by Space Baby
 - NPC Map Locations Mod by Bouhm
 - and more not shown in any picture

Final Notes
If lark the Brave wants he can use my files as a starting point to reboot his. Just ask me first for language support and minimap changes as my personal changes. If Lechet wants to put my Patch for your mod on your site you can.