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Changes the cellar to be slightly larger and change seasonally. Recolor compatible! Includes two sizes, three furnishing styles, an optional spa extension, and optional sewer access. Updated to 1.6!

Permissions and credits

This mod is peak self-indulgence, but I hope it will perhaps appeal to others as well! I went looking for a cute custom cellar, and (understandably) most of the options I found were very, very large and efficiency-focused, and not necessarily very... comfy. Since I'm using a custom farm map that has a shed with its own giant cellar (shout out to Waterfall Forest Farms!), I was prepared to boldly sacrifice cellar efficiency upon the altar of aesthetics, and that impulse spiraled out into this. Now with a new, larger size option!


  ♡  A very plant-heavy theme that changes with the seasons! Bring the outdoors inside! Don't think about it too hard!
  ♡  Two available sizes. The small version is slightly larger than the default cellar, which may partially compensate for all of the space optionally taken up by furniture. (Maybe.) The larger size has a second room of the same size for those of you who need more cask space.
  ♡  An optional spa extension which adds a functional spa room to the right side of the cellar.
  ♡  Three options for decor: Choose between a cozy lounge area, an indoor camping picnic theme, or an empty version with no furniture.
  ♡  Extra functionality:
  ♡  All versions have a working calendar on the wall.
  ♡  Both furnished versions have working jukeboxes and furniture you can click to access to your farmer file.
  ♡  Additionally, all versions have the option of adding a trapdoor which provides access to the sewer.
  ♡  Additional customization:
  ♡  Want to change the look of the floor in upper right corner from the default for each decor style? Sure!
  ♡  Want to change the color of the string lights in the camping version, or get rid of them altogether? Absolutely!
  ♡  Some cute spritework I'm a little bit proud of. (And you can sit on the pillows!)
  ♡  Should be compatible out-of-the-box with map, town interior, and town exterior recolors!

  ♡  Content Patcher
  ♡  DaisyNiko's Tilesheets

Config Options

The easiest way to configure this mod is to use Generic Mod Config Menu (GMCM) in-game! Options which have been bolded are the default options.

  ♡  Cellar Decor
  ♡  Options: "Small" or "Large"
  ♡  Determines the size of the cellar.
  ♡  There are two different sizes. The original one room size, and a larger size with an additional room. Check below the spoiler to see the Spring versions of each.


  ♡  Cellar Decor
  ♡  Options: "Lounge", "Camping", or "Empty"
  ♡  Determines the decoration of the cellar.
  ♡  There are two different furnished styles, "Lounge" and "Camping." "Empty" is the unfurnished version of the cellar. Check below the spoiler to see the Spring versions of each.
  ♡  On the furnished versions, the jukebox and boombox should allow you to change the music, and the laptop and ouija board should let you view your Farmer File.


  ♡  Spa
  ♡  Options: "true" or "false"
  ♡  Determines whether the spa room is added to the right side of the map.


  ♡  Floor Style
  ♡  Options: "Automatic", "Tile", "Dirt", or "Grass"
  ♡  Determines the style of the cellar floor in the upper righthand corner of the map.
  ♡  When "Automatic" is selected, the "Lounge" decor has a patch of tile, the "Camping" decor has a patch of dirt, and the "Empty" option has only grass.
  ♡  You can override these defaults by selecting a specific floor style here. Check below the spoiler to see examples of each.


  ♡  Sewer Access
  ♡  Options: "true", "false"
  ♡  When enabled, adds a trapdoor with access to the sewer on the right side of the cellar. Can be seen under the Cellar Decor spoiler above.


  ♡  Camping String Lights
  ♡  Options: "Beige", "Pink", "Blue", "Disabled"
  ♡  Determines the style of the cat string lights along the right side of the back wall when the "Camping" decor is selected.
  ♡  "Beige", "Pink", and "Blue" are used to change the color of the string lights. Check below the spoiler to see the color options.
  ♡  Selecting "Disabled" removes the string lights lights entirely.



Aside from the few assets I made myself, this mod only uses base game assets and DaisyNiko's tilesheets, so any recolors you have which affect those should also be reflected here. This includes terrain recolors, like Vibrant Pastoral Recolor and DaisyNiko's Earthy Recolor, town exterior recolors, like Flower Valley and Way Back Pelican Town, and town interior recolors, like A Toned Down Stardew Valley and Rustic Country Town Interiors. It should also play nicely with Aster's Beam and Kitchen Mod.

For example, the screenshots below were taken in Summer with Vibrant Pastoral Recolor, A Toned Down Stardew Valley, Flower Valley, and Aster's Beam Mod installed!

(Note that the furniture used is mostly taken from the town interior, not from the "player" furniture, so player furniture recolors will not apply here. If you find you miss them too much, you can always select the "Empty" decor option and decorate yourself!)

This mod is probably not compatible with other mods that replace or substantially change the cellar map.


As of version 4.0.1, this mod has i18n support for the config options.

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