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Adds a fish net object which catches fish overnight

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I've been trying to think up a good description for this for 2 weeks.
It's a fish net... ok.
Place it in water, add bait, done.

Decided to remove this mod? no problem, the objects will just disappear.
If you then decide to re-install, they will reappear in their original location (because magic)

Recipe unlocks at level 6 Fishing

Compatible With : 
Automate - requires optional file Fish Nets - Automate
Better Crafting - requires optional file Fish Nets - Better Crafting Integrated into main mod as of 2.0.0
More New Fish - Adds more catchable fish
Ridgeside Village, Stardew Valley Expanded, East Scarp - Tested with these major extensions, keep in mind, not all areas provide anything catchable
Quality Bait - Adds quality options to catches
Json Assets - Any mod that adds fish / bait through JA should work
Dynamic Game Assets - Any mod that adds fish / bait through DGA should work As of 2.0.0, DGA is considered deprecated and will no longer be supported
Alternative Textures - Change the net's texture through AT (for 2.0.0+, animations do not need to be added through AT, this is handled internally, just providing the texture will do)
Save Anywhere Redux - Net's are saved before SAR saves and load back in after save (No catches for mid-day saves) No additional support needed as of 2.0.0, works out of the box

(Partially) Incompatible With : 
The Daily Newspaper - Mod uses item id 931, change the id of fishnets for compatibility No longer an issue since 1.1.5
MARGO - Won't break, but won't interact with each other (MARGO skills don't work for fishnets)

How to install : 
1. Install Smapi
2. Unzip the file and place it in the mod folder

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