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Gives Players an easy to use, gamepad friendly Farm Selection UI and Content Creators a powerful high level access to lower level farm related functionality enabling more diverse farm maps.

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For Players
- - - - - - - - - - - - -
This mod may be required by some custom farms to function properly, but you might want to download it anyhow for the farm related aesthetics such as a new gamepad friendly farm selection menu for custom farm types and farm type icons and names in the loading menu.

  • Install SMAPI
  • Unpack Custom Farm Loader in your Mods Folder
  • Unpack your chosen [CFL] Farms in your Mods Folder
  • Start the game using the SMAPI Launcher
  • Upon creating a new game press the new Custom Button
     and select your map

All Players need to have both Custom Farm Loader and the Farm you're intending to play on installed.
Mismatching versions will cause issues. It is recommended to keep your mods updated to the latest version.

For Content Creators
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

Please refer to the gitlab readme for guides and documentation:

( ! ) 1.6 Migration Notes (Updated 20.03)

Why use Custom Farm Loader?

Custom Farm Loader makes farm creation easy and is a great way to get into making your own custom farm.
It offers a lot of extensive functionality to bring life and joy into your abode.
The mods goal is to remove a lot of the bloat that comes from having to find custom farm creation related guides in a dozen different places and general purpose mods. Let's focus on what is important: Creating the farm of your dreams for people to enjoy.

  • Adheres to the 1.5.5+ custom farm type standard, making it compatible with many other farms
  • Spawns resources using either a preset or using your own custom rules
  • Organizes relevant map properties. Have them all in one spot and change them on the fly.
  • Spawns working TVs and Beds, no need for an additional mod to fix furniture
  • No need to tell users to turn off monster spawns, CFL has them off by default and allows you to toggle it on 
  • Easily add vanilla icons and world map overlays using simple keywords
  • Have all your configs in one easily configurable config minus all the bloat
  • Improve your users UI experience with a new and improved gamepad friendly farm selection GUI
  • Change fishing and crab pot catches dynamically using a vast set of conditions and toggle fish bubbles
  • Invest into an upcoming Framework and benefit from its growth by making feature requests and bug reports