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A mod that adds 18 new events for Penny (without replacing the ones already there). New events at heart levels 1, 3, 5, 7, and 9, plus 10 friendship events, plus a 3 part after-marriage story line, plus hundreds of new lines of dialogue and dozens of new lines of marriage dialogue.

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My first mod (update) ever!

Welcome to Penny Expanded Version 2.0!

The Mod that adds 15 events to Penny's storyline and hundreds of lines of new dialogue without changing any other events or dialogue.

So I like Penny, I really do. But one day I realized that her storyline can be summed up thusly:

"She'd make a good wife."


She's a good neighbor.
She can clean.
She can cook! (Kind of).
She's good with kids!

Compare this with any of the other love interests. Abigail, the "mysterious" misunderstood miscreant who wants to be an adventurer. Haley, the valley girl who matures and finds her place in an actual valley. Maru, who is SCIENCE! Elliott, who struggles to write his book. Leah, who's all about finding the courage to show her art and escape her past relationship. Sebastian, who loves his life under the s-

Okay, I'll stop now.

Well, now Penny has similar character! She has goals, aspirations, interests, and hobbies. She likes long walks on the beach, working hard, reading, and more! She likes hanging out with friends, being kind to strangers, being a good daughter, and working her legs off. She has a lot more to say. And she always has, but now, these events actually dive into them.

So enjoy! And if you don't, at least be gentle in the comments.

A few disclaimers:

This mod won't be compatible with any mods that makes edits to Penny's (and Pam's) dialogue files, numerous event files, or the mail file. It won't break anything (at least it shouldn't), but it will overwrite them.

(I will try to learn how Content Patcher JSON files work, and make a version of Penny Expanded with it. Though if anyone wants to do that for me and send it here, I give them permission).

This mod doesn't change any existing dialogue or events. I don't think anything that already exists was bad. It just needed some... elaboration. Some liberties were taken with small time lore (like... Stardew Valley tax laws?) but that's about it. (P.S. Some libraries do in fact work that way).

And that's about it! I have a lot of ideas for other events (many not even involving Penny), and I do want to continue making them. But for now, IRL stuff takes priority. But I'll be around for a while to address any bugs or concerns that pop up.


"Do I need to start a new game to use this mod?"

Short answer is no. Slightly longer answer is that all events will happen retroactively once you enter the area they happen in, so you won't miss any events. But it's far more immersive to start a new playthrough so events can happen more naturally. There is also hundreds of new lines of dialogue added for every other heart level, so you'll miss a lot of it if you already have her at a high heart level (though you'll miss a lot of it anyway just because of how dialogue mods for this game work, but that goes for any other dialogue mod too).

"Does this mod work online?"

Yes, interestingly enough. It had no issues when I was playing online with my fiancee. All events and dialogue changes will work on your end without messing anything up for your friends. (Though mind the in-game time while online. Remember, it doesn't stop during events).

"Libraries don't work that way?"

Some do, especially historically. Be thankful most don't nowadays! But without spoiling it... I know that particular event didn't come off clear enough, so I clarified what Gunther meant during that scene, and wrote Gunther to be a more sympathetic character.

"Any plans to do more characters?"

Yes and no. Yes because I have event ideas for various different characters, (my first foray into Content Patcher modding will involve at least one of those ideas). No because I can't promise I'll have that kind of time. (Gotta focus on career/saving money/wedding planning, and I'm no Creation Club/Patreon modder).

Though I want to learn more programming to see if a really big mod idea I have for this game is feasible, even if it doesn't see the light of day. (Also Fallout 4, but that's a different beast).

"Can I create translations of/a Content Patcher for this mod?"

Absolutely. Message me letting me know what you're planning to do and I'll most likely approve it. Just be sure to provide credit/link back here.